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Spring cleaning masterclass

February is ending, and spring is just on the horizon, but are those rays of sunshine highlighting the unwelcome dust and dirt lurking in your hallways?

From hacks to make your skirting boards gleam, to tips for deep cleaning your mattress, our Queen of Clean is here to make your home sparkle this spring.


- They are a hot-spot for dead skin, bed bugs, fleas and dust mites - so it is important to clean your mattress at least once a month. 

- Use mattress/pillow protectors.

- Vacuum or lightly steam to get rid of any nasties. You can also use a mattress UV Vacuum that will help show up the dirt better. 

- Use hydrogen peroxide or an upholstery cleaner to banish stains. 


VonHaus UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner£49.99, Amazon 

Bed frames and skirting boards

- Both are often overlooked, but collect a lot of dust throughout the year.

- Fabric velvet effect frames can be vacuumed or you can use a damp rubber cloth to pick up the dust off of wooden frames and skirting boards.


Spunj Ultra Absorbent Cloth Heart£1.49, Savers 


Ceilings and walls

- An area often overlooked, especially if you have patterned wallpaper where dust settles into the grooves. Use a flat headed duster with a dry microfibre pad.

- For any scuffs on painted walls use a light mixture of sugar soap or a magic eraser.


Light fixtures

- These can collect dust and affect the brightness of your lights. If they are ceiling lights, use a step ladder and place a towel underneath for any falling dust and use an old school feather duster.


OXO Good Grips Microfiber Delicate Duster£8, Amazon

Baseboard Buddy Cleaning Mop£13.49, Amazon 

Flat Headed Mop£13.69, Vileda

Door knobs

- Door handles collect germs and bacteria so it is important to wipe/ disinfect them a few times a week. Choose a product that doesn’t harm the paintwork/ door knob.


Dettol All-in-One Crisp Linen Disinfectant Spray£3.99, Amazon

Shower curtains

- Most can go in the washing machine or if it has mould/mildew patches, soak in the bath with some white vinegar before machine washing. 

Household appliances

- Microwave: Put a bowl of sliced lemons into the microwave for 5 minutes or use a silicone microwavable cleaner. 

- Kettle: Half fill with water and white vinegar and use a paper towel to clean the spout. 


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- These need a good clean too! Use a recycled make up brush or a hair dryer on a cool setting to gently get rid of dust. 

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