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Stammering and bullying helplines

Stammering / Stuttering




Everything you need to know about stammering (stuttering) including symptoms and treatment available, with links to other useful resources.


Stamma (British Stammering Association)

Freephone 0808 802 0002 (Weekdays 10-12 & 6-8)  



Stamma is the only national organisation for adults and children who stammer, run by people who stammer. Offers information, advice and support to parents of stammering children, teenagers and adults who stammer, friends, spouses, teachers, health visitors and employers can speak in person about any issue or concern related to stammering. This service is available in daytime and evening hours.

Scottish Stammering Network


On our website you will find information about the work that the charity does to support and empower people who stammer.  We are the only charity in Scotland providing free support groups and open days for people who stammer.  Our aim is to empower people who stammer and raise awareness of the condition.

Action for Stammering Children

Helpline:  020 3316 8113


ASC is a UK registered charity which supports expert therapy that transforms the lives of children who stammer.  We do this primarily by commissioning specialist services from the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children in London.  Stammering crosses all races, cultures, religions and social groupings, conceals intellectual ability, affects educational choices and achievement, results in impaired communication skills and frequently becomes a focus for teasing and bullying. In severe cases, it may play a significant part in a young person's ability to achieve their potential and to make a full contribution to society as an adult.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

Tel:  020 7378 1200 


The RCSLT is the professional body for speech and language therapists in the UK; providing leadership and setting professional standards.  We facilitate and promote research into the field of speech and language therapy, promote better education and training of speech and language therapists and provide information for our members and the public about speech and language therapy.


The Starfish Project


The Starfish Project brings together years of experience from working with other therapies. We have combined the best from the early pioneering work of these therapies, together with the experiences and lessons we have learned from helping in the recovery of many hundreds of people from stammering over the years.

The McGuire Programme


The McGuire Programme goes beyond overcoming your stutter, it transforms people who stutter into articulate, well spoken people.  At the core of The McGuire Programme is our Intensive Courses. These are 3-4 day courses which take place throughout the world where hundreds of people has started their journey towards eloquent speech.  Over the duration of the course, we will teach you the reasons for your stutter and how you can overcome it to speak like the person you want to be.

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