Try out the latest gadgets for a healthy 2018

It tastes totally fine - we'll see in about two hours!

Phillip reacts to drinking filtered Thames river water

Since 2014, 325 million of us have invested in fitness trackers to help with our daily calorie counts and physical activities! Are you looking for something new to kickstart your year?

From the latest smart water bottles, to an ingenious way to sort out your posture, Steve Wilson’s taking a look at some of the latest healthy-living gadgets to hit the marketplace. Cheers!

Here's what we tried out

Uprightgo £79.95

Modius Headset £369

Silicon Foreo T/Brush £129

Nkd Waterbottle £ 23.95

Garmin Disney Watch £79.99

Fitbit Iconic £239

Illuminated Backpack £ 49.99