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Angela Hartnett's summer panzanella

Gordon Ramsay’s protégée is one of the highest-profile female chefs in the world - and her own Michelin-starred Angela Hartnett is the woman responsible for making Rylan face his fear of fish!

Angela is back in the kitchen making the most of the gorgeous summer weather: treat your family with her summer panzanella - made with focaccia bread, olive oil and fresh juicy tomatoes!

Serves: 4


For the dressing:

2 tbsp red wine vinegar6 tbsp olive oil1 clove crushed garlicSalt and pepper400g mixed tomatoes, chopped200g focaccia bread

Optional: anchovy fillets or grilled chicken thighs


  • Tear the focaccia into bite size pieces and griddle or bake in a hot oven until charred and golden

  • Whisk the red wine vinegar with the olive oil and crushed garlic. Season with salt and pepper.

  • Mix the chopped tomatoes with basil and capers

  • Pour over the dressing and gently toss together

  • Add the chunks of bread and allow it soak up the juices

  • Serve immediately

  • You can add some anchovy fillets or grilled chicken thighs if you prefer

Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV