Supercharge your day with Kombucha

It’s the drink which many people call a health elixir in a bottle. Kombucha is becoming the latest must-have drink, with European sales set to hit a whopping £580 million by 2025! But what does this brew (made from fermented tea mixed with bacteria and yeast) actually do? And is it worth a buy? Liz Earle is here to tell us more.

Kombucha is a probiotic drink made from fermented tea which can be either green or black. It's mildly fizzy, the bubbles coming naturally from the fermenting process, with a slightly sour vinegar taste.

Kombucha is good for your gut and has been proven to have benefits for digestion, immunity and even boost mood. All fermented foods contain live microorganisms known as probiotics. Introducing probiotics to your diet means having more good bacteria in your gut which can fight off the bad bacteria and infections.