The best at home workout gadgets

Whether it's a new found love of baking or trips to the fridge to pass the time, studies show that half of us have gained a few extra pounds since lockdown began. But with restrictions lifting and summer rapidly approaching, it's time to get back on track! From a smart device that turns your bicycle into a peloton machine, to training equipment that tracks your workouts remotely - Dr Zoe will be showing her pick of the best gear to help us get back in shape and stay healthy this summer.

1) Elite Novo Smart Turbo Trainer, £225, Halfords

A smart interactive turbo trainer that turns your bike into a peloton! Fully interactive wheel wirelessly connects to training programmes on your smartphone, tablet or PC to provide an immersive training experience. The machine realistically simulates slopes up to 6%, so you can climb a mountain from the comfort of your home. 

2) FitBeast Core Sliders, £14.99, Amazon

The ultimate at-home core trainer! Keep your hands/feet constantly in contact on the surface of the sliders, whilst exercising, to build up each target muscle group. Use the sliders when doing lunges, mountain climbers and planks for the best results. 

3) Tangram Smart Skipping Rope, £39.95

A durable rope that connects to 'SmartRope' app via bluetooth to give insight into your cardio exercise. It monitors your jump count, calories burned and time spent jumping. You can also unlock awards, do interval training and challenge other app users! 

4) Umi Balance Trainer Air Dome Ball, £64.99, Amazon

Use both sides for a complete workout: one half for balance building (or you can advance your routine by adding in squats or crunches), the other for planks or burpees. Alongside the balance board the kit includes two elastic strings, an air pump, two valve plugs and a workout guide, so you can really get the most out of your balance trainer. 

5) Ultrasport Mini Trampoline, £92.23

Trampolining can be more effective and less strenuous on the joints than jogging, so if you're looking for an all-over fat burn an indoor trampoline is for you. Tune into a YouTube Trampoline workout, or use the base of the trampoline as a bounce mat when doing floor exercises like sit-ups.