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The best baby gadgets for 2020

Searching for the best baby gadgets but feeling a little overwhelmed by how many there are to choose from?

You're not alone in that. 90% of parents have admitted they’ve overspent on baby goods, with an average of £10,000 spent within the first year. That's up to a staggering three billion pounds in total each year!

But which products are really worth spending money on? From pop-up cots to self-rocking carriers, Amanda Jenner has the top baby products that should be on every parent's 2020 wish list.

Wondering where you can find her recommendations? We've got you covered.

Didofy Lotus Pushchair, £1,100, didofy.com

This electronic stroller can auto fold and self-charges while you’re walking. It might be useful for people with back problems who don’t want to have to do too much bending down.

Nurture Pro UV steriliser and dryer, £199.99, vitalbaby.com

This steriliser uses ultraviolet LED technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and dry disinfects items without using chemicals, heat steam or sterilising solution. 

Baby Wipes, 12 packs for £21.21, myhappyplanet.co.uk

These plastic-free wipes are biodegradable and you can even dispose of them in your garden.

Mummy Loves Organics Shhleepies Feet Oil, £10, mummylovesorganics.com

This is an organic foot oil for babies and children to help them settle more quickly and promote a more relaxing sleep.

Baby Movement Video Monitor, £199.99, angelcarebaby.com

This monitor can detect the baby's smallest movements and if there's no movement an alarm will go off.

Silent Wearable Breast Pump, £249.99, elvie.com

This small and lightweight pump can be sured with a standard nursing bra making it hands free.

Rockit Baby Rocker, £39, rockitrocker.com

You can attach this to any pushchair or pram, push the button and adjust the speed to rock your baby.

Pura Kiki Feeding Bottle, £18, kidly.co.uk

If you're searching for a bottle that's 100% plastic-free this might be the one for you. It grows with a child's needs, transforming into a sippy cup, straw bottle, snack cup and sports bottle with some swappable silicone inserts.

Potwells Hot Water Bottle, £29.95, kidcentral.co.uk

This long hot water bottle stays warm for 6-8 hours and can be put in the freezer too.

Milk Prep Machine, £129.99, tommeetippee.com

Prep the perfect bottle in just two minutes for stress-fee feeding.

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