The best British bubbly

Forget France, the best fizz is produced in Kent nowadays! The ground has become so perfect for grape-growing, that leading French champagne producer Taittinger has just announced plans to start producing bottles there. But what is the best British fizz to enjoy in the sunshine this summer?

Wine expert Helen McGinn is live from Chapel Down vineyard in Kent, as she shares her pick of the Best British Bubbly.

Chapel Down Sparkling Bacchus, £17.99, Waitrose

Made in the same way as Prosecco using the English grape, Bacchus.

Flint Vineyard Charmat Rose, £21.99,

Also made in the same way as Prosecco (in a tank hence cheaper than bottle-fermented wines) by a new Norfolk producer from a blend of aromatic grapes.

Tesco Finest English Sparkling Wine, £19, Tesco

English sparkling wine might not be cheap but the supermarkets are making some impressive great value own label wines now. This traditional method of sparkling is a steal.

Co-Op Irresistible Eight Acres Sparkling Rose, £18, Co-op

Another cracking price for a traditional method rosé made by the same producer, Hush Heath in Kent, as the Tesco own label wine.

Black Chalk Classic Brut 2016, £35,

Hampshire-based producer leading a new wave of winemakers with this properly world-class traditional method sparkling wine. Started just with vineyards, now building a winery to go with it.

Breaky Bottom Seyval Blanc Cuvée Peter Christiansen, £32.99, Waitrose   

Made by legendary English winemaker Peter Hall at his estate in Sussex planted back in 1974. He loves using traditional grapes like Seyval Blanc and they give his wines real character.

Ancre Hill Blanc de Noirs, £39, Tanners

Brilliant Welsh sparkling wine made by a biodynamic (basically think super organic) producer.

Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé Brut 2017, £29.95,   

From one of the oldest Cornish producers this blend is made only from the Pinot Noir grape.