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The best crystals to balance out the energy in your home

Crystals are becoming increasingly popular and they aren’t just helpful in balancing our personal energy, they can be used for home interiors too.

Our expert Emma Lucy Knowles is here to let you know the best crystals to have in each room of your home.

1. By the front door

Malachite and rose quartz - Act as the bouncers of your front door, checking heavy energy in the cloakroom as visitors pass by them and then lovingly handing it back to them as they leave.

2. Office

Black tourmaline and Smokey quartz - If you work from home regularly these will hoover up any of the energy coming in from your work world.

Rainbow Fluorite - If you're looking at starting a new project or looking for creative inspirations.

Citrine - For flow: flow of ideas, abundance or creativity.

Lapis Lazuli - communication

Shungite, Selenite, Kyanite

3. Living room/kitchen

Clear quartz - For cutting through the weight of the day and keeping a vibration of seeing the ‘bigger picture’.

Amethyst - If the living room is where you start to unwind before sleep, let the amethyst start to unwind the mind before your head hits the pillow.

Blue calcite - Alongside or in harmony with clear quartz, will empower or heighten communication.

4. Bedroom

Selenite - For soothing nurturing vibration

Carnelian - For energy/rest/reset

Hematite - To ground at sleep

5. Bathroom

Rose quartz - Represents unconditional love. A good choice by or under your mirror to reflect back to you your true beauty.

Jet or Onyx - Empowers washing the worries away from your being. 


How to place?

1. Where feels good equates to where looks good.

2. Place by your plants - they work brilliantly with plant energy, they help filter the fresh air from your plants or soothing scents.

3. If your partner isn’t keen on crystals, get clever and use them as features or as useful tools, e.g. coasters or book ends.

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