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The best DIY meal kits to cook at home

If you're bored of home cooking and can't bear the thought of another lukewarm takeaway, why not treat yourself to a DIY meal kit this lockdown?

From Mexican feasts, to homemade pizzas, meal kits are the easy way to recreate your favourite restaurant meals at home. But which ones are worth giving a try?

Alice Beer shares her verdict on some of the most popular on the market.

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Pizza Express DIY American Hot£16

Patty&Bun Jamaican Mule Kit£25

Maray The Falafel Wrap Kit£29Club Mexicana Vegan Short Rib Taco Kit£27.50

Kricket Butter Chicken Curry Kit£38

La Tua Pasta San Valentino Box£67

Cote Valentine’s Day Lobster Frites Kit£70

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