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The best Free From Easter eggs

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! Forget limited options and plain flavours - vegan products are becoming more mainstream and exciting each year. And luckily our favourite Free From brands have stepped up their Easter egg game once again.

So whether you’re gluten free or plant-based, our deputy lifestyle producer Emily shares her egg-celent choices.

Please check the ingredients to make sure the Easter eggs you choose fulfill your Free From requirements.

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Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Almond Nuttercups£8

This brand has made their name well known in the plant-based world - and for good reason! Doisy & Dam chocolate is truly delicious and this is no exception. The smooth dark chocolate egg with chocolate-covered almond butter cups is a winner (and my personal favourite). If you’ve got little ones, you’ll want to check out their vegan mini Good Eggs too. 

M&S Plant Kitchen Chocolate Egg£6

Marks & Spencer's plant-based range is ever-growing and extremely impressive, and luckily their vegan ‘egg’ didn’t disappoint. At an affordable £6, this aubergine-shaped chocolate delight is a fun and yummy take on a classic Easter treat.

H!P Salted Caramel Oat Milk Easter Egg£12.50

This creation comes from the great grandson of Mr Cadbury himself, who is on a mission to reinvent plant-based chocolate - using oat milk. The ‘Hip’ new company launched this year and their Salted Caramel Oat Milk vegan egg does not disappoint. In fact, it’s up there in my top three!

Chococo Dark Chocolate Ocean Easter Egg£12.50

For eco crusaders and ocean admirers, you’ll be swept away with this sea-themed vegan egg. Chococo are the masters of the hidden surprise, concealing chocolate marine creatures inside a decorated and hand-painted shell. Plus, 50p from each purchase goes towards the Sea Life Trust. They also do a Chocolate Agave Honeycombe Studded Egg, perfect for Crunchie lovers!

Buttermilk Crispy Vegan Orange Chocolate Egg£8.99 thevegansupermarket.com

The chocolate version of ‘dippy egg and soldiers’ - what’s not to love? And if, like me, you think the combination of chocolate and orange is genius, the crispy orange caramel flakes on the egg are sure to leave you satisfied. 

Nomo Vegan Hazelnut Crunch Egg & Drops£5.99, ASDA

This popular vegan chocolate brand has launched a new product for Easter, and there really is NOMO (No Missing Out)! The Hazelnot Egg is nut-flavoured chocolate but using a clever rice crispy substitute, it’s actually nut-free! They also throw in an extra chocolate bar too, just in case the one egg isn’t quite enough...

Lindt Dark Chocolate Vegan Bunny£4

It wouldn’t be Easter without a Lindt Bunny somewhere in sight, and the beloved Swiss chocolate brand has now made one that is dark chocolate and vegan. They’re sure to sell out quickly, so hop to it! 

Cox & Co Raw Cacao Nib 85% Easter Egg£9.99

If you’re not keen on fussy flavours and you prefer to keep things simple, this 85% cacao vegan egg will hit the dark choc spot. Cox & Co win eco brownie points too, with packaging made from 100% sustainable, biodegradable card, and a compostable bag made from wood pulp.

Booja Booja Salted Caramel Truffle Easter Egg £11.99

If you’re looking to spend a bit more on something really indulgent - this is for you. Booja Booja burst onto the scene with a game-changing vegan ice cream, and has since become well known for their vegan and gluten-free almond and sea salt truffles, which are hidden within this beautiful hand-painted shell. An egg-stravagant Easter treat indeed!

Deliciously Free From Mini Mallows Easter Egg£4, Sainsbury's 

White chocolate fans will be thrilled to know that Sainbsbury's has answered our prayers and released a dairy-free version of their popular mini mallows egg. Perfect for kids and adults (trust me!) 

Dark & Vegan Mint Egg£15, Hotel Chocolat

Known for their affordable luxury chocolate treats, Hotel Chocolat has branched out with their vegan options this year. This new geometric-shaped mint chocolate egg (inspired by the Tate Modern) made from 70% cacao, cacao butter and infused with Tasmanian mint oil will bring another dimension and a little bit of class to Easter.

Vegan Smoove Moove Easter Egg£3.99, Holland & Barrett

If you’re always struggling to choose between rich dark or smooth milk chocolate, here's your solution. The vegan egg - with a fantastic name - is made with a blend of both, and at £3.99 you really can’t go wrong. 

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