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The best home fitness equipment

The reopening date has been set, and many of us can't wait to get back in the gym again after lockdown. But with a huge surge in sales of fitness equipment, it seems like EFH (Exercising From Home) is viable alternative - and can even be cost effective, despite the initial outlay!

Our deputy lifestyle producer Emily has chosen her top home fitness gadgets to invest in now. 

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Peloton Bike+

Possibly the best known among fitness enthusiasts, Peloton has launched an updated version of their popular indoor bike. With the original HD touchscreen, built-in speakers, and clever mechanics making it an almost silent ride, the Bike+ also has a swivelling screen for the ‘full immersive experience’ - encouraging riders to jump off after the workout and complete a strength or yoga class. Yikes! The wait time is long (7-10 week delivery) so be sure to get there quickly if you want one by summer.

Peloton Bike+ Basics,£2,295, Peloton

Reebok GB40s One Electronic Exercise Bike

Looking for something less fancy? The Reebook exercise bike is a great option for anyone starting their indoor cycling journey, without the £2000 commitment. With 12 pre-set workouts and 32 levels of tension control this Reebok bike allows you to progress (and sweat!) at your own pace from the comfort of your living room - at a very reasonable price. 

Reebok GB40s One Electronic Exercise Bike£349.99, Argos

JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill

For fair weather runners (and those of you who have decided you won’t be returning to the gym) now is a good time to invest in one of these. With 40 different in-built programmes, a free tablet holder allowing you to log-in to virtual training programmes and a top speed of 16 km/h, this JTX treadmill is a fantastic choice. It's also currently on sale, down from £850 to £605.

JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill£605

Pro Fitness Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine

If rowing is more your thing (or pretending to at least...) this is an affordable option from Argos. The Pro Fitness machine uses new technology to combine air and magnetic resistance to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness. And if you’re worried about space, don’t be - the lightweight battery powered machine also folds up neatly too. 

Pro Fitness Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine£279.99, Argos

JAXJOX Adjustable Kettlebell Connect 2.0

It may seem expensive for its size, but this Smart Kettlebell is ideal for anyone living in a small space. It offers six weight options in one that you adjust digitally - from 12lb to 42lbs and connects to the JAXJOX App to track your ‘reps and sets’, weight, time and power. If you’re looking to get strong without stepping foot in the gym, this might be the piece of kit for you.

JAXJOX Adjustable Kettlebell Connect 2.0£249

Tangram SmartRope

This is for those of us who have rekindled our love of skipping over lockdown and want to take it to the next level. The Tangram SmartRope not only displays your jump count (via an app), it also shows the calories burned, interval training data and other symbols and icons to register any new trick you may be attempting. It’s a popular one, so hop to it!

Tangram SmartRope£39.95, Anthropologie

Apple Watch Series 6

For tech lovers who are looking for the latest smartwatch around - Apple has you covered. On top of tracking your daily activity and favourite workouts, the new smart watch also helps you keep track of your health, letting you measure your blood oxygen or even take an ECG. Apple watch owners now also have access to the Fitness+ app - letting you choose from a catalogue of workouts led by expert trainers. 

Apple Watch Series 6From £379, John Lewis


Another favourite for those who love a gadget and a seriously good massage. Developed by a leading chiropractor, this ‘DIY power tool’ is designed to pinpoint painful areas and loosen tight muscles. The original Theragun was so popular, they have even brought out a mini version. It may be small, but prepare yourself - it packs a powerful pulse!

Theragun Mini£175, Theragun

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