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The best pillows for a good night's sleep

A recent study found that since the start of the pandemic, one in four people are experiencing sleep problems brought on by worrying.

So if you’re suffering from what experts are calling ‘coronasomnia’, a simple change which could help is a new pillow.

From memory foam to feather-filled, Alice Beer’s showing us the tried and tested pillows that will help you sleep more soundly. 

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Premium Pillows£59.95, MyPillow

Pack of 4 Extra Full Duck Feather Pillows£25, Dunelm

Feels Like Down Pillow£17.50, Marks & Spencer

Specialist Synthetic Active Anti Allergy Standard Pillow£22, John Lewis

Pathogen Filter Barrier Pillow£28.99, Sleep Angel

500 Cool Gel Pillow£53.40, REM-Fit

Silentnight Eco Comfort Soft Pillow£15, Argos

Made To Measure Pillow£35, Nanu

Kally Knee Pillow£29.99, Kally Sleep

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