The best summer rosés for £12 and under

With sales of rosé wine up 400 per cent over the past few weeks, it’s clearly one of our favourite summer tipples!

Kylie Minogue’s recent rosé release is expected to sell out across the UK, so our wine expert Helen McGinn is here to put it to the taste test and share her pick of the best supermarket rosés, from as little as £7.

Phil and Holly will also be trying a rosé not yet available in the UK - Rosé Piscine - which controversially, must be drunk over ice.

Rosés sampled by Phillip and Holly

Rosé Piscine - Not currently available to buy in the UK

Mirabeau Classic, £11.99, Waitrose/Ocado

Kylie Rosé, £9, Tesco

Lyme Block English Rosé, £8.99, Aldi

Rosa di Santa Tresa 2019, £9.74 (mix six price), Majestic

Tesco Finest Malbec Rosé, £8, Tesco

Merinas Organic Rosé, £7, M&S