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The best supermarket beauty buys

The supermarkets have done it again. Their own brand versions of our favourite foods have been a hit for years - not to mention, they've saved us a small fortune - and now they’re turning their hand to beauty products that don’t cost the earth.

Sarah Jossel's on hand to help you kit out your makeup bag with the best they have to offer - including eyeshadow creams and a new cheek 'jelly' - all from just £25 pounds. 

Want to fill your makeup bag with Sarah's supermarket picks?

Here's all the information you need.

Boutique Nail Polish - £3, Sainsbury's

Boutique Velvet Blusher - £3, Sainsbury's

Kind and Pure Cleansing Micellar Water - £1.50, Tesco

Tesco Beauty Eyelash Curler - £1.50, Tesco

Nspa Expert Perfecting Daily Serum - £8, Asda

Formula Swipe to Glow Exfoliating Tonic - £10, M&S

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