This DIY facelift can make you look 10 years younger

While we might be making sure we get out our daily exercise, what about giving our facial muscles a workout? Whether it's a Zoom meeting or a family quiz, we're spending more time than ever staring at our own face on our phones and laptops.

Face Gym founder Inge Theron is here with her four steps to a lifted face in minutes.

Warm up with knuckling

- Using medium pressure, start knuckling from the neck upwards onto the face and forehead with both hands for 10 seconds

Co- ntinue knuckling but switch to outwards from the centre of the face towards the ears for 10 seconds

Get your cardio with whipping

- Hold the chin with one hand and using two fingers with the opposite hand, finger whip the cheeks diagonally towards the ear for 10 seconds in a fast-paced motion

Sculpt with finger hooks

- Finger hook sweeps under jawline and under the cheekbone x4 - medium/firm pressure

- Finger hook sweeps under eye x4 - medium pressure

Sculpt with cheek burpees

- Press on one cheek with the palm of your hand and blow out the opposite cheek, short and fast blows. This is a form of resistance training to improve muscle tone.

Cool down with lymphatic drainage

- L-shape full hand prayer drains across cheek to ear x3 - light pressure finishing on the neck each side