The identical twins who both hope to get pregnant with shared boyfriend

They’re the Aussie twins who have gone further than most, making it their life’s mission to look, act and think the same. Lucy and Anna DeCinque go to the bathroom together, eat the same foods, shower and sleep together and even share a boyfriend. And as they each prepare to become mothers, they join us to detail their controversial plans to get pregnant simultaneously. 

Born just one minute apart, Anna and Lucy Decinque (35) were once dubbed 'The Most Identical Twins in the World' after appearing on a Japanese game show in 2015. The sisters went to the same nursery, primary and secondary school and admit that they can't remember the last time they were apart.

The twins share a bed with boyfriend Ben Byrne (37), a mechanic who they met on Facebook through mutual friends. However, the twins insist their relationship with Ben is equal and loving - and no one gets jealous.

The sisters are now planning to be pregnant at the same time and are looking into IVF options for the future.