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The ironing tricks that will save you hours

It's the one chore we all put off for weeks on end and apparently, 45% of people avoid doing their ironing all together because they hate it so much!

Luckily, our Queen of Clean is here to make it manageable.

From smart irons to clothes steamers and hacks that really work, Lynsey Crombie is here to help us straighten out our clothes and decrease our laundry piles for good!

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Lynsey's top tips for ironing your clothes -

- Sort your clothes into fabric types before you start to iron them.- Only iron what you really need to.- Position your ironing board well at belly button height.- Have hangers at the ready to avoid creasing after ironing!- Iron dark clothes inside out.- Do all zips up before you start ironing - as this can affect the outcome.  

Products -

K9 express clothes steamer£152, Morplan.com

f1000 vertical clothes steamer£99.99, Fridja

Handheld garment steamer£69.99, Philips  

MINI handheld steamer£110, Propress

Fastcare compact steam generator iron£95, Philips

Teflon soleplate steam iron£16.33, Amazon

Easy charge power and cordless iron£64.99, Morphy Richards

Lynsey's top tips for what to do if you don't own an iron - - Put clothes on hangers as soon as they come out of the wash and air dry them outside or hang up on a window. 

- Only put a few items in your tumble drier at a time and add in a few ice cubes. 

- Hang clothes in the bathroom when you are having a shower. The steam from the hot water will release creases and help straighten them out. 


Crease releaser£3.50, Lenor

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