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The kits to get you crafting

It’s official - we’ve all gone craft crazy! With reports showing that embroidery kit sales increased a whopping 86% this year, it’s clear that lockdown has inspired us all to get making. From pottery to glass painting and everything in between, our Home Genie Georgina Burnett is here to help bring out your creative side with the best Crafting Kits on the market.

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Adults Kits

Embroidery Hoop KitsMakeBox & Co, £22.99 

Sculpd Pottery KitSculpt.co.uk, £39

Cast Jewellery Making Kit Experiencecast.com, £29

HOUSE Of Crafts Creative Glass Amazon, £13.47

Pllieay 42 Pieces Screen Painting Starter KitAmazon, £27.99

Lip Balm Kit Hugtheearth.co.uk, £19.95

Craftiosity One Month SubscriptionNotonthehighstreet.com, £26.95

Cricut JoyCricut.com, £179.99

For Kids

Buttonbag Suitcase Crafting Kits (Pompom, Bumper Sewing and Embroidery, Friendship Bracelet Making) buttonbag.co.uk, £24.99

Jewellery Jam Craft Kit Selfridges, £30 Over the rainbow craft kit Selfridges, £20

Art and Big rainbow set Studio in a box Selfridges, £50

Bake Off Lab Science In The Kitchen KitThe Curiosity Box Via Notonthehighstreet.com, £30

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