The Naked Professor talks delayed ejaculation

I wanted to do something over the course of learning about what was happening here… I started to embrace freedom and vulnerability. The image represents the vulnerability.


What’s special about a man posing for photographs in front of London landmarks? Nothing… except Ben is naked in every single one of them. Since Ben lost his virginity 18 years ago, he has found it difficult - sometimes impossible - to orgasm, particularly with a partner. In medical terms, it’s called ‘delayed ejaculation’, the third most common male sexual disorder, which is thought to be psychological.

To break down the taboo, Ben launched a blog and Instagram account, which now has almost 20,000 followers (including Ruth), to raise awareness of mental health and the importance of breaking away from social norms, which he does via his naked photographs.

Ben’s identity hasn’t been fully revealed - until now, when he joins us on the sofa (fully clothed!), alongside Dr Ranj.