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The singing family who made Holly cry with their own lockdown opera

Meet the Marsh family - the Kent-based household of six who have gone viral after sharing a lockdown-themed rendition of the Les Misérables' song One Day More.

Watching a clip of the family singing, Holly became weepy, "It makes me so emotional!"

"You cried!", said Phillip.

"There are so many families out there spending time together thinking of things to do", Holly told the Marshes, "There's something magical when a family does that and comes together".

Dad Dr Ben Marsh, a history lecturer, said the family doesn't have a musical theatre background but the four children play instruments and sing in bands.

"How did you decide who did which part?", asked Phillip.

Ben explained, "Well the problem with that song is that the boys never wanted to do the romantic parts. Because we were able to make it about football, or pizza, or school, it suited everyone!"

And how does it feel to go viral?

"It is completely surreal, it has been the craziest 40 hours", said mum Danielle, revealing that their Facebook post has racked up over 400,000 views and counting since Sunday night.

Holly and Phillip ended the chat with a request, "Keep posting, do more!"

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