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Theo Michaels taste of the med

It’s been said that mediterranean cuisine is the world's healthiest and most delicious diet. So today, drawing inspiration from his Greek Cypriot family roots, Theo Michaels is transporting us to sunnier climates with his mediterranean inspired yogurt marinated lamb gyros with homemade flatbread. So sit back, relax, and let the food do the talking.  

Marinated lamb gyros with flatbreads

Serves 2



30ml Greek yoghurt

2 cloves garlic, crushed

Juice of half a lemon

15ml olive oil

1 tsp salt

Few grinds black pepper

1 tbsp dried oregano

400g lamb leg or rump cut 1 inch cubes


½ cup / 125ml Greek yoghurt

1 cup / 250ml self raising flour + extra for dusting

Pinch saltToppings

Handful fresh parsley and mint, chopped

1 vine tomato, diced

½ red onion, diced

1 lemon, quartered


1. Mix the marinade ingredients together and massage over cubed lamb. Leave for a few hours or slather and go! Thread the lamb onto skewers and cook on a hot griddle for 1 minute on each side.

2. To make the flatbreads, mix the yoghurt and flour together until a scraggy mess, then tip out and briefly knead, adding more flour/yoghurt until it forms a dough. Roll into 6 inch discs and fry in a dry pan for a couple of minutes each side.

3. To assemble, place the cooked marinated lamb skewers into the flatbread and top with the fresh herbs, tomato and onion. Serve with lemon wedges to squeeze or extra flavour.

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