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This Morning... on a Sunday!

Good news - This Morning on Sunday kicks off on January 20 at 10:30! Delivering your weekend fix of TM, This Morning on Sunday will show a selection of the funniest, most moving and entertaining moments from the week.

Eamonn and Ruth will host the hour-long show offering viewers a chance to see all of the best content with handpicked moments for the This Morning on Sunday editions, as well as some new and exclusive content.

Announcing the new show, Phillip revealed: “We have an exciting announcement to make for Sunday mornings, with a weekend episode of This Morning! Eamonn and Ruth will be taking you through the highlights of This Morning from that week with some exclusive guests and lots of weekend treats thrown in for good measure.”

Holly added, “It’s official, we’ll be going on the telly six days a week! Lazy Sunday mornings couldn’t get any better.”

Our husband and wife duo Eamonn and Ruth are equally excited to be fronting these shows for a brand new weekend audience.

Eamonn says, “We’ll be there on Sundays to put the cherry on top of your best This Morning bits of the week. Not only will anything you’ve missed be featured, Ruth and I will also be adding our own fresh content that you won’t have seen.”

Ruth adds, “So stay in your pyjamas, put your feet up and enjoy a Sunday on This Morning”.

Sounds good to us!

This Morning on Sunday, starts from 20th January on ITV from 10:30am

Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV