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Top 10 plants to boost your mood

The first lockdown saw a whopping 500% increase in indoor plant sales. And it turns out that our green companions not only help bring life to a room and create a ‘Zoom-ready’ corner, they also work wonders for our mental wellbeing.

Gardening expert David Domoney shows us the top 10 mood-boosting indoor plants for 2021.

10 mood-boosting plants

Flamingo flower

The flamingo flower is a big fashion statement in a room. The striking, bright red, heart-shaped flower and glossy green foliage evokes exotic vibrancy and beauty.

Croton / Joseph's coat

It's not just the outrageous fusion of foliage colour but how the veins are spectacularly enhanced by contrasting colours to the main leaf. You could pluck a leaf off, frame it and hang it on the wall - it really is that special. 

Jade plant

The Crassula has deep green, oval leaves and grows like a small tree, it is said to bring good luck and that's why you see it in homes, offices, doctors receptions, restaurant takeaways and thousands of other business locations. 

Dragon tree

This is a beautiful, small indoor tree that matches its looks with its strength to survive. It has rich green tones edged with a deep crimson line along the length of its long foliage blade. The tufts of leaves gives a pleasant palm-like structure.


This is one of the most beautifully fragrant indoor plants. The flowers are so perfectly formed in matte white colour which contrasts beautifully when nestled in a sea of glossy, emerald green leaves. Their beauty still cannot compare to the dominance of the flowers' scent.

Flaming Katy

This is a little plant with deep fleshy, shiny, green leaves. The flowers are in clusters and are full of colour, available in white, red, yellow, orange, pink and many more. They are known for their bright colour and strong details of the blooms.

Moth orchid

In Greek, Phalanopsis means 'moth like' because its flowers look like moths in flight. Its tongue-like green foliage sees a spike growing from it with many flower buds opening in stages right to the tip. It's an easy plant to keep and will flower well if fed and watered.

Mother-in-law's tongue

Also known as the Sansevieria. This houseplant is probably the toughest you can buy. It has an interesting form and shape that's perfect to add to your interior design with its upright sword-like foliage erupting from the pot.

Pink quill (bromeliad air plant)

Originally from the rainforests of Ecuador, this amazingly energetic coloured plant brings a big 'wow' to the home with its bright-pink quill which stays vibrant for such a long time. A perfect houseplant to position where you spend a lot of time at home, like the kitchen or workspace so you can enjoy it as much as possible.

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