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Top gardening tips you should do right now

It might feel like winter is dragging its heels this year, with cold winds and even snow showers across parts of Britain in the last few days and weeks - but David Domoney says Spring is trying, and the signs are here!

As milder temperatures head our way in the week, David joins us live from the This Morning Forest. He shares the things to look out for where you are - the ways you can help the wildlife near you as they wake from a long winter - and throws in some top tips to be doing in your garden this week.

How can you prepare your gardens for spring?

Now is the time to prepare for warmer days. As we head toward the clocks going forward on March 26th, people are gagging to get out in the garden. But as we head into spring, one warm day happens which usually sends people into panic.

1. Get ahead of the game and clean the barbecue, sharpen your lawn mower blades and sort the furniture out - so you can just enjoy the hot weather when it arrives. 2. Get weeding: Nothing has been growing in the garden for a while, which is when weeds seep in. 3. Start pot planting: Cheer yourself up by planting a few container and pot plants such as Primroses or bellflowers. Don't wait until summer for your busy lizzies or geraniums - put some pots by your back door now so you can enjoy plants before the summer.

4. Start planting fruits with your children such as gooseberries, strawberries or currants.

And how can you help wildlife thrive as spring approaches?

1) Birds: Helping birds is pivotal this time of year as they are looking for places to nest.

  • Put some bird boxes up in the garden.

  • Make sure there is ample food and fresh water out for them.

  • From March 1st, it is the main breeding season for birds until August so avoid cutting your hedges.

2) Hedgehogs: Some hedgehogs will be coming out of hibernation.

  • Feed them cat food in jelly with white meats (turkey or chicken) - never bread and milk.

  • You can buy hedgehog houses or make your own with an old wine crate - include a small entrance tunnel to prevent cats getting their paws in. Put the house in shrubbery.

  • Cut a 'hedgehog highway' in between yours and neighbouring fences to let them pass without having to go out into the road.

3) Pollinators (bees, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, wasps)

  • Leave your lawn to grow to that dandelion's form. At this time where there aren't many pollinating plants (which come in summer) dandelions can help pollinate.

  • Leave a wild area in your garden anywhere - even behind the shed. It encourages insects like ladybirds who will almost act as garden security to keep good things in and bad things out.

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