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Top tips to get your garden looking blooming lovely this summer!

The sunny season is upon us and it’s time to make the most of our gardens - lockdown free! From hanging basket hacks to brightening up your borders, Daisy Payne is here with her top tips and tricks to create instant colour in your garden this summer.

Hanging baskets

A basket of blooms can really brighten up your outdoor space quickly and easily.

  • Hang in your front garden to welcome guests or on your balcony for a slice of nature and pops of colour.

  • They come in a range of different styles - classic options include plastic-coated wire or wicker baskets, but increasingly popular are solid-sided baskets that have built-in water reservoirs. 

Lining your basket will help keep moisture in.

  • The traditional lining material is sphagnum moss, which is farmed specially for this purpose (so don't collect it from the wild). 

  • Use other materials such as coco fibre as this is much easier to do. 

Purpose-made options such as thick, felt-like liners made from recycled fibres and solid liners which, with care, should last for several seasons are some other good options.

Bedding plants

This is the perfect time of year for bedding plants! 

  • These are the most popular plants for hanging baskets and they’re reliable because they’re such lovely colours – think petunias, geraniums and trailing fuchsias, verbena and lobelia.

  • Colour co-ordinate or colour clash, it’s totally up to you!

Daisy’s Top Tips for hanging baskets:

1. Hang on a bracket and make sure it’s really sturdy.

2. Use peat free compost - it is important we do our bit for the environment.

3. You can add water retaining gel crystals. These help with watering because they’re like sponges - they hold a lot of water in comparison to their size. The liquid is then released gradually into the soil.

4. Water regularly -  This is so important! Water and feed (with a diluted tomato feed) every two weeks to give your flowers extra nutrients to create beautiful blooms.

5. Check your baskets/containers everyday and see how long it takes to dry out. In general, if it's cool, 2-3 days between waterings and if it's hot, 1-2 days. And if it's raining, put your feet up!

How to brighten up your borders

Hydrangeas are a lovely plant to add to your borders or pots at this time of year- they’re about to bloom! 

  • The name origin is Greek and means water vessel or water barrel, in reference to the shape of its seed capsules and the plant’s love of water.

  • They come in wonderful colours and depending on your soil type, the flowers might actually change colour too!

  • Most bloom in shades of blue and pink but flowers also come in lime green, red, and white. 

  • They’re available to buy at garden centres.

Salvias and lavender are wildlife friendly plants, and are a beautiful purple colour. You can also add bedding platns into your borders - so whether your borders are full or not, throw in some lovely petunias and lobelia and you won’t regret it! 

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