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Top tips to protect your home from unwanted pests

Warm weather is returning and with it can come some uninvited visitors - and this year, lockdown has made our rodent problems much worse.

If your home is being invaded by critters, crawlies and other unwanted Summer pests, fear not. Alice Beer is here to share some simple ways to re-claim your home that are safe and natural.

Alice's Top Tips


With more and more of us now calling on the BPCA, it’s clear that rodents are one of the main pest offenders at the moment. However, there are humane ways for us to deter them from our home.

  • Remove the food source: A simple tip, but very important. Don’t let the bins overflow in your kitchen and ensure that your outdoor bins are shut properly. 

  • Rodent proof mesh - You can use this to cover up gaps and holes around the house. The rodents won’t gnaw through the strong steel material.

  • Sonic repellers - Devices that use ultrasound waves at varying frequencies to deter rodents.

  • Humane mouse traps - Box style plastic device that catches the mice, but doesn’t harm them. 


There have been a higher number of wasp and fly enquiries this year because of the warmer weather. The development from a fly egg to adult can take as little as 7 days in 30°C heat. However, there are some simple, effective mechanisms to keep insects out of the home and in their natural habitats.

  • Window fly screen and door curtain: See through mesh material to stop them coming in through the main entry points!

  • Herbs and flowers: Basil and lavender are commonly known to deter flies. They can be planted both in your garden and outside to keep flies away from your house. 

  • Keep your food covered - Use pop up food covers or biscuit tins to put over the top of food when you are preparing your evening meal. 

  • Take care of leftovers - it’s tempting to leave food out especially when we are having our summer picnics. 


The biggest annoyance for eating al fresco. Luckily there are simple hacks to deter them, to let enjoy our 6 man garden meetups in peace. 

  • The ‘Waspinator’ wasp nest - This acts as a decoy, just like a scarecrow, and naturally repels wasps by mimicking an enemy wasp nest.

  • Watch out for sweet foods: Wasps are attracted to the sugary foods. Remove open drink cans, old glasses and fallen fruit.

  • The colour red: Wasps are drawn towards most colours except red because they cannot see it, so add some rouge to your wardrobe!

  • Strong Smells: Wasps have an amazing sense of smell and detest the powerful odour of some fragrant plants. Peppermint, spearmint and thyme are all good wasp deterrents.


They become more problematic in the summer months with the higher temperatures. Again, there are easy hacks to keep mosquitoes at bay. 

  • Water: Mosquitoes are attracted to water so ensure there's no standing water anywhere (on toys left out on the lawn, plates under your flower pots etc) 

  • Anti mosquito aftersun: Protect yourself with the creams you wear. 

  • Light colours: Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours, Wear light-coloured clothes that hide your arms and legs if you are noticing an increase in mozzies.  

  • Citronella candles and garden torches: Both known to be mosquito deterrents.

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