Vasectomy helplines

Use our helplines to get more information and advice about the vasectomy procedure

NHS Choices


Comprehensive help and information from NHS Choices.



We want to break down the "medical language barrier" between the doctor and the patient. Critical medical information must be presented in a clear and understandable language so that the patient fully understands his or her choices and decisions. Ultimately, it is the patient who must make the critical health choices. We believe that in the future the world of medicine will be dominated by a new patient who seeks out critical information on the Internet - and that this will take a new type of doctor who must help the patient assess the quality of that information. is committed to helping both parties in their quest.

Marie Stopes


Our team of highly skilled doctors, nurses, counsellors and health care assistants provide reproductive and sexual health services through the NHS for over 100,000 women and men every year in our network of clinics around the UK. Our clients’ care and wellbeing are our driving passions, and we’re proud to say that 98% give our service the highest ratings. From the moment someone dials our number or walks through our door, they’re in safe, caring hands. Everything we do is based on our respect for our clients’ individual needs, their time, confidentiality and dignity.

British Pregnancy Advisory Service


bpas supports reproductive choice and health by advocating and providing high quality, affordable services to prevent unwanted pregnancies with contraception or whether to continue with a pregnancy. We also offer a range of other reproductive health services.