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Get wedding ready

In the countdown to her own wedding, Beauty Belle Heidi Scarlett King gave us the scoop on the best treatments and tips to help you get wedding ready.

To any of you brides to be out there, the best possible piece of advice is start your preparations early! Obviously some things have to be done in the last two weeks, however starting some healthy lifestyle changes whilst doing all your actual wedding day preparations is key to a stress-free bride on the day.

With just days left in my own wedding countdown here's a first-hand look at the best treatments and products available to get you looking bride-tastic.

1. The Best Training Regime - Resistance Training & Cardio

Starting your training regime at least 8-12 months before the wedding is always ideal as then you can slowly increase the intensity of your sessions (so much less painful!). A combination of both resistance training and cardio will burn fat and tone the body, and if you hate the gym there's still no excuse not to train. Using your own body weight in exercises will tone and reshape, and taking long walks or runs outside will kick start your metabolism.

2. Best Training Companion - Life Change Thermo Boost capsulesskinchemists.com

We all need a little kick-start in the morning to make the gym or run outdoors. These all-natural energy capsules made from a blend of Guarana, ginseng, caffeine, Vitamins B3, black pepper and green tea are like magic pills to get you moving in the morning.

3. Best haircut and colour - Four Salon, Conduit street Mayfairfourlondon.com

With an extensive celebrity client list such as theirs it's no surprise to know that Four Salon London are a strong favourite amongst the salon crowd. Well-known for their cuts and colours, they also get a lot of brides-to-be prepped and preened on their big day.

4. Best detox and weightloss plan - Nutrologie Six Week Bikini Bodynutrologie.co.uk

I was definitely skeptical when introduced to this new diet plan, as I hate the word diet. But soon I began it I realised it wasn't too far from my own diet (minus the shake at lunch), and surprisingly, it has made all the difference. By week two I had friends and work colleagues saying how I had visibly lost weight and by week three I finally weighed myself and had lost 4.5 pounds.

5. Best hair extensionist - Louise Bailey at Extension Professionalextensionprofessional.co.uk

Louise Bailey has created the most seamless and invisible bonds on the market teamed with the highest grade real hair for her extensions that will either just thicken, or thicken and lengthen your hair, in the most natural way possible. With celeb clients such as The Saturdays, Ellie Goulding & Caroline Flack, Louise is known for the loveliest locks in town.

6. Best lash extensions - Anita Williams at Hot Lasheshotlashes.co.uk

Not only is Anita an absolute perfectionist at lashes but she is very generous, applying up to 200 per eye! Trained in many advanced lash extension techniques and having years of experience in her field, Anita Williams is the lady for the task.

7. Best facial - Dr Murad Resurgence Renewal Facial at The Mayfair Hotelmayfairhotel.co.uk

If you can't indulge before your big day then I'm not sure when you can! This super facial incorporates extreme anti-aging technology with a supreme hydration injection for a plumped, less lined face ready for the day.

8. Best spray tanners - Fake Bake Elite Spray Team by Victoria Hallidayfakebake.com

Fake Bake's elite, mobile spray tanning team come to your place and within 30 minutes will get you looking as bronzed as your heart desires. They have also created a new 60 minute tan that you can wash off, and which develops once the water mixes with it.

9. Best home body treatment - Homedics Ultraslim Prohomedics.co.uk

This device uses ultrasound waves to break down the fatty acids in cells underneath the skin which is then disposed of through the lymphatic system, anywhere on the body that stores stubborn areas of fat. Within five treatments of 20-30 minutes I could see a visible difference to my thigh area (also combined with regular cardio) and the skin area appeared more toned.

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