Phil Vickery's steamed raspberry jam sponge pudding

Since 1885 Tiptree Jam has been capturing the fresh flavours of British fruit for all of us to enjoy.

And today Phil Vickery has swapped his chef whites for white overalls and headed to a factory in Essex to see how the fruity condiment is made.

Back in the kitchen and armed with some fresh jam, Phil’s whipping up his delicious steamed jam sponge with warm custard - the perfect fruity treat to brighten up a winter's day!

John Torode's chilli noodle winter pick-me-up

If you’re halfway through the week and need that little extra something, then this is it!

The perfect antidote to beat the winter chill, John describes his warming Asian style noodle broth as a ‘winter pick me up!’.

Packed full of goodness with chillies, garlic, ginger and not to mention full of veggies, it really is a bowl of goodness.

Phil Vickery discovers Rodda's clotted cream

It’s the perfect side to any festive treat, and with 250 million spoonfuls being enjoyed every year it’s no wonder Rodda’s factory in Cornwall are keeping their clotted cream family recipe a secret.

That doesn’t mean we can’t try a bit of the good stuff!

We sent Phil Vickery down to the farm to see what goes into making this delicious cream, before he headed back to the kitchen to whip up a delicious clotted cream & lemon curd mousse with clotted cream cookies.