D-Day for dairy? We investigate milk alternatives 🥛

According to a recent survey, nearly a quarter of Brits have swapped traditional dairy milk for rice, oat, almond and other plant-based alternatives - up 19% from last year.

Tiger nut is the latest one to claim to be better for gut health providing higher fibre, stabilising blood sugar and keeping us fuller for longer.

So are these modern day milks better for us - or just an overpriced fad? Medicinal chef Dale Pinnock explains the pros and cons.

Asma Khan's mouthwatering meatballs with spicy rice

Star of Emmy nominated Netflix’s Chef’s Table, Asma Khan is one of the UK's most prominent female chefs. With A-list fans such as David Schwimmer, Keira Knightly and David Tennant singing her praises she has become an unstoppable force in the food industry.

Asma joins us in the kitchen to whip up one of her favourite traditional Indian dishes, kofta meatball pulao with beetroot raita.