Meal kits in minutes: Minimum effort, maximum taste

2019 means many of us have made a pledge to eat better, and with nearly one third of us having signed up to a food box website, we seem to be looking at them to achieve our aim. But with so many on the market, which is the best one for you?

Whether you’re in need of inspiration, help with portion control, or just want to be that bit healthier, Alice Beer is here to talk through various food boxes, which start at just £2.98 per meal.


COST: Classic Box £54.99 (when ordering 4 meals for 4 people) works out at £3.44 per person per meal


COST: from £47.75 for a box for 4 person box, 4 meals per week - works out at £2.98 per meal

Pasta Evangelist

COST: £25 for 3 meals per week for one person

Balance Box

COST: £367.84 for a 4 week subscription - works out at £22.99 per day - 3 meals and two snacks based on subscription price thats signing up for 4 weeks

Love Yourself

COST: A one off Keto box is £30 (3 meals and 2 snacks). If you subscribe for one week (Monday - Friday) it costs £122.55 for the Keto diet, which works out at £24.51 per day/per box.