Gin-credible! How to drink the nation's favourite tipple

We all know Phillip and Holly go together like gin and tonic, but what’s your perfect combination?

Gin is proving it’s still the nation’s favourite drink, with a staggering 73 million bottles sold in the UK last year - but do you need to splash out on a pricey spirit?

From the Scottish Highlands to the Welsh valleys, gin guru Olivier Ward has tasted the best gins the UK has to offer. He’s here today with his top picks, as well as offering some tasty twists to improve your favourite tipple.

How healthy is your breakfast?

Despite NHS warnings to manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar in cereals, a study published just this month found nearly half of cereal products, aimed at children, still fall into the ‘red’ category when it comes to sugar.

So how do you start your day? Cereal? A full English? A bowl of granola? You might be shocked to find out just how unhealthy the breakfast you’re putting on the table might be for you.

Alice Beer is here to help sort the wheat from the chaff when we look at your favourites.

Clarification: From January 2019 Kellogg's committed to changing their packaging to include the traffic light system, with it appearing on all packs by 2020.

How much sugar should we have?

Children between seven and 10 should eat no more than 24g of free sugar (that’s added sugar) or six teaspoons a day. Adults should have no more than 30g of free sugars a day.

Phil Vickery's three gorgeous garlic dishes

After Phil Vickery shocked Phillip and Holly by putting SIX cloves of garlic into his meatballs, he's back and on a mission to prove how tasty it can be!

Today Phil presents a mix of three gorgeous garlic dishes - wild garlic salsa verde with pork chop, roasted elephant garlic on baguette and black garlic mixed with yoghurt, as well as his tips on the dos and don’ts for cooking with cloves.