Asma Khan's mouthwatering meatballs with spicy rice

Star of Emmy nominated Netflix’s Chef’s Table, Asma Khan is one of the UK's most prominent female chefs. With A-list fans such as David Schwimmer, Keira Knightly and David Tennant singing her praises she has become an unstoppable force in the food industry.

Asma joins us in the kitchen to whip up one of her favourite traditional Indian dishes, kofta meatball pulao with beetroot raita.

Rochelle and Mollie try the best of British cider 🍎

From refreshing Gospel Green to whisky mixes, British cider has never been so versatile and exciting. And as the weather takes a turn for the worse, they might just be the perfect pick me up amidst winds and heavy rain.

Ciderologist Gabe Cook gives us his pick of the best ciders - from a champagne style with zingy taste, to honey flavoured tipples from East Lothian, you'll be spoilt for choice. And best of all, they're all under £15!

Featured ciders

  1. Henney's Dry Cider, £1.90 - Sainsbury's

  2. Gospel Green, £12.99 - Selected wine stores

  3. Cornish Orchards Blush, £2.25 - Waitrose

  4. Pilton Solstice, £7.99 per bottle - Selected wine stores

  5. Sandford Orchards St Louis Dry Hopped, four cans for £5, Morrisons

  6. Thistly Whisky Cider, £1.75 - Sainsbury’s

  7. Aspall's Premier Cru, £2 - Tesco