Dr Ranj: Five-fold rise in menopausal women with HIV

Research released earlier this week showed that the number of middle-aged women seeking treatment for HIV is five times higher than it was 10 years ago.

The new figures come as HIV Charity, the Terrence Higgins Trust, urges more people to get tested for the virus.

Dr Ranj joins us in the studio to show you just how easy that is.

Dr Zoe: Arm yourself against the 'big three' this winter

As the outside temperature drops below 8C, NHS figures show a steep rise in the amount of heart attacks, strokes and pneumonia.

Dr Zoe joins us to talk about why the weather falling below this figure increases your risk of health problems by a significant amount, and to arm you with advice on how to best protect yourself against ‘the big three’ this winter.

Dr Sara's health headlines: Obesity is back

Britain's obesity crisis is back in the headlines after a report from the NHS claimed over 1 million people a year are admitted to hospitals for obesity related diseases.

Dr Sara talks about these new findings and other health stories affecting you and your family.

Why aren't doctors providing medical cannabis?

A year after the law was changed to allow the prescription of cannabis-derived medicine, and as the government prepares to launch a new trial on 20,000 patients in the UK, many doctors claim the legislation is still unclear.

"The evidence just isn't there!"

Dr Javid

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim is in the studio to explain why the NHS is struggling to prescribe this medication, and will bring us the science behind the drug and its uses.

Dr Zoe's full body Halloween pumpkin workout

This month alone we've picked them, carved them and even showed you how to cook them.

Now, there's a whole new use for pumpkins that's taking social media by storm - pumpkin workouts!

Apparently they are the new fitness trend everyone's trying, and after devising her own routine, Dr Zoe is in the studio to put us through our pumpkin paces.

Beat your back pain

If you have back pain then you’re not alone. From sitting still for long periods to hunching over our computer screens, research suggests our sedentary lifestyle habits are damaging our health.

With the number of back complaints on the rise we’ve called in Britain’s top back specialist Garry Trainer to demonstrate the best exercises you should be doing to relieve the pain without the use of drugs.

As well as sharing his tips, Garry will also answers your questions as we open the doors to our This Morning back clinic.