Bounce like a celebrity with Tramp-Cardio!

We give the latest LA fitness craze a go - Tramp-Cardio. Retired dancer Simone De La Rue has studios in LA, New York and London, and a celebrity client list which includes Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift.

Simone demonstrates the exercise craze sweeping Hollywood that could help you to bounce back in 2020.

Simone's top tips for January

  1. SET: Set short-term, realistic goals that you can achieve. When you try to give up alcohol, sugar and fat all in the same week as well as attempting to work out six times a week, you set yourself up for failure!

  2. KEEP: Keep a food and workout journal to keep you accountable. It's been found that those who keep track of their progress are more likely to succeed.

  3. FIND: Find a workout buddy to help motivate you. When you know you have someone you have to meet, you are less likely to cancel or make excuses.

Can you reverse type 2 diabetes?

New figures show that there are 3.8 million people living with diabetes in the UK, and 90% of those with type 2. But what if there was a way to prevent or even reverse this potentially fatal condition? Well according to Professor Roy Taylor there is. He joins us now to explain how.

Professor Roy explains the Newcastle diet

Stage one: “Stage one is the rapid weight loss phase — an eight to 12-week period using liquid meals, such as soups and low calorie shakes. This is the stage that will effectively reverse your diabetes. In my study we aimed for our patients to lose 15 kg and they needed to lose it fast. Doesn't matter how big you are. So someone who is 23 stone should get down to 20 stone. If they reverse their diabetes then they can remain at 20 stone, but if they haven’t then they need to lose more weight.”

Stage two: “Stage two allows the gradual reintroduction of real meals while avoiding the return of blood sugar problems. So when you have lost the weight, your diet will consist of shakes for breakfast and lunch but you can have a real meal at dinner. Then over a few weeks you add in meals for lunch and then breakfast.”

Stage three: “Finally, there’s stage three, a long-term plan of healthy eating, ensuring diabetes stays away, hopefully forever. You need to make sure you hold your weight at a healthy weight so the blood sugar stays down. You cannot fall back into old unhealthy habits.”

Men - don't ignore these important signs

When it comes to men and their health, recent studies show that eight in ten will endure an illness rather than seek medical help, while more than a third feel too embarrassed to go to the doctor. But could your man’s ‘minor health issue’ actually be a sign of something more serious?

From a persistent cough to memory loss and even urinary issues, specialist in men's health, Dr Amir Khan discusses the important signs your man shouldn’t ignore.

Is Britain addicted to prescription painkillers?

"A confident, warm, fuzzy feeling. The ability to be able to cope with everyday life, because I was severely depressed and anxious."

Vicki explains what she got from the tablets she was taking

In America, it's an epidemic. Now new evidence from Public Health England raises concern about the UK's use of prescription opioids. More than five-million people are prescribed opioids in the UK every year, and there have been 400 deaths in the last year.

"It’s taken me a good four or five years to actually get off them, because you go through a slippery slope of going up and down. You’re happy - you think you can continue with your life and then it all goes terribly wrong."

Vicki on quitting prescription drugs

As Dr Michael Moseley investigates the growing crisis, he joins us alongside case study Vicki Chadwick, whose addiction previously saw her take up to 70 co-codamol tablets a day.

Feel Better in 5 with Dr Rangan's simple health plan

We’re just a week into 2020, but if you’re already struggling to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, Dr Rangan Chatterjee has the perfect plan for you.

The GP claims it takes as little as five minutes to feel happier, healthier and fitter.

With easy workouts, stress-reducing techniques and simple activities, Dr Rangan gives us his foolproof guide to feeling better in 5!

The Speakmans: How to win at weight loss

They’ve helped thousands of people overcome fears and phobias, but now The Speakmans are tackling the nation’s weight issues.

With their new book Winning At Weight Loss having been released on Boxing Day, we’re joined by the duo to chat about their guide to achieving your slimming goals for a healthier and happier 2020.

Transform your body for 2020 with Chloe Madeley

"I fell in life with weight lifting, and my whole life changed"

Chloe Madeley

Fresh from supporting husband James Haskell in the I'm A Celeb jungle, Chloe Madeley joins us to discuss the release of her new book Transform Your Body With Weights.

"You get a reward straight away. As soon as you stand up from a squat or as soon as you're done with a session, it makes you feel really positive, mentally strong and physically strong."

Chloe Madeley

Chloe diminishes the stigma around female weight training, reveals the benefits and teaches readers how to train correctly and effectively.

Chloe's also got an easy work-out routine to help kickstart our 2020!