Dr Zoe's tips on managing your anxiety

Following a long Easter weekend in the sunshine, it’s back to the realities of life for many this week.

Dr Zoe joins us with an anxiety-busting masterclass, revealing the triggers that induce stress and explaining how to cope if you are feeling anxious.

Managing the measles outbreak

The World Health Organisation recently reported that measles is on the rise, with the number of global cases quadrupling in the past year. And with an outbreak in America, Dr Chris fears we could face a fresh surge here.

He tells us what to look out for with measles, and how to avoid contracting it. Plus, Dr Chris gives his opinion on the latest health headlines.

Could cold sea swimming help to relieve migraines?

A migraine sufferer started taking a regular dip in the cold sea to see if it would help ease symptoms.

Beth Francis from Anglesey has seen her migraines reduce from 25 to 15 a month since she completed her 100 day swimming in the sea challenge.

So what's the science behind this, Dr Chris?

How proton beam therapy is saving lives

Ryan Scott from Wales has been one of the first patients in the UK to receive groundbreaking proton beam therapy for a rare tumour in a part of the brain that is very difficult to treat.

Proton therapy (which was brought to public consciousness by the Ashya King case) will play a key role in the future of cancer care in the UK, both within the NHS and in the independent sector. Here's Dr Chris with more.

Steve Westaby: The world's best heart surgeon

Professor Steve Westaby’s life is defined by his exhilarating and often tragic profession - a 35-year career as the world’s best heart surgeon. Over 11,000 patients have put their lives in Steve’s hands, and his pioneering research has made breakthroughs worldwide. Today Professor Westaby unveils his new book, The Knife’s Edge, which tells the story of the man behind the profession, and also reveals his own personal stories both inside and outside the surgery room.

From a freak rugby injury that caused serious psychological damage, to how he brought a patient back from the brink of death, Professor Westaby joins us to talk about life and death on the operating table.