Davina McCall: Getting to grips with A&E

Davina is celebrating 70 years of the NHS in ITV’s new documentary Live in A&E which will see Davina experiencing everything that goes on in Leeds General Infirmary. Davina will never know who, or what will come through the doors next.

But this isn’t her first time in A&E, six years ago Davina took her sister, Caroline in after suspecting she was suffering from a stroke. Caroline died seven weeks later of terminal cancer - but Davina has never forgotten the kindness that the NHS staff showed her family. The show kicks off tonight, and as she prepares for her first night, Davina joins us live from Leeds General Infirmary.

'I can't get my four year old out of nappies!'

We can do this. We need to start again, inject some fun back into it. We've got to have a softer approach to it, rather than forcing it on her.

– Amanda Jenner

Research has revealed that 70 per cent of primary schools are reporting an increase in the number of children starting school wearing nappies. This comes as a local councillor claimed that the influx is down to parents not being ‘bothered’ to toilet train their own children.

One parent who has tried ‘everything’ to help her four year old tackle the toilet is mum of two Hannah Brown. She joins us alongside potty training expert Amanda Jenner, who has vowed to help her finally get daughter, Grace, out of nappies!

'Crippling insomnia has ruined my life'

News at Ten anchor Tom Bradby has been absent from our screens for five weeks, reportedly because of a crippling battle with insomnia.

It’s a feeling that Liz Bailey knows all too well - she says insomnia has ruined her life, often leaving her unable to go about her daily life.

Liz, who often gets only three hours a night, is here alongside sleep expert Dr Nerina, who shares some of her top tips for a more restful night.

Use our helplines for more advice on sleep and insomnia.

NHS Hero: Stephen Large, the man revolutionising heart transplants

Stephen Large, a consultant surgeon from Royal Papworth Hospital is one half of the incredible doctor duo who won a Pioneering Hero award at the ITV NHS Heroes Awards 2018.

Stephen has spent 33 years researching new ways to transplant hearts. Along with a brave and committed team, he has now refined a procedure which has increased heart transplantation at the hospital by more than a third. Stephen and his team have found a way to, literally, restart a heart and more importantly, restart a life.

Stephen joins us this morning alongside a recipient of one of these ‘non-beating’ hearts, Tom Shing, to talk about the pioneering new treatment which could change the face of heart transplants forever.

MORE: The NHS Heroes Awards, Monday at 8.30pm on ITV

Could honey help treat cancer?

Thirty years of research has gone into developing LifeMel Honey, which is produced in Israel by bees fed on a special nectar derived from 40 therapeutic herbs, including Siberian ginseng, Echinacea, uncaria tomentosa, and natural sources of iron, protein and vitamins.

Dr Chris reveals he's been encouraging the use of this honey among patients who are having chemotherapy to treat cancer. Usually patients will notice a drop in their white blood cell count while undergoing chemotherapy, but in each of his own cases, Dr Chris has noticed that the decrease in white blood cells slows down when patients are taking the honey.

As yet there have been no large-scale clinical trials to look into the honey's effect on cancer patients.

Dr Ranj takes on The Daily Mile

The simplest ideas are often the best - and this one’s no different: school children, running a mile a day, every day. This initiative has now become known as The Daily Mile and, this week, ITV is helping encourage schools across the UK to sign up.

On Tuesday, we saw 100 children run the This Morning Mile outside our studios - today, we’re continuing that message.

Dr Ranj visits a primary school in Manchester to show why taking part can not only tackle childhood obesity but also improve your child’s school performance. On your marks, get set, GO!

Sex addict mum: 'My addiction almost destroyed my life'

Although I was aware I was having these feelings, I didn't realise it was an addiction. I felt ashamed that it was literally all I could think about.

– Rebecca Barker said her obsession with sex almost destroyed her life

She thought it was just a high sex drive but Rebecca' Barker's addiction came close to ruining her life.

The 37 year old's obsession became so severe that she demanded sex at least five times a day, had relationships based purely on sex, and craved intercourse just moments after having it.

Revealing 'it was literally all she could think about', Rebecca, a mum of three, eventually admitted she was an addict.

You can drink wine and lose weight!

We all know that fizzy drinks are full of sugar - but have you ever considered how much of the white stuff your favourite glass of wine contains?

Well, if you're watching your weight but still like to enjoy a cheeky tipple, wine expert Helen McGinn is here to show you how a few smart swaps can slash the calorie and sugar content without compromising the taste.