The gadgets to help beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

With temperatures dropping, and the days getting shorter, we’re all in need of some summer sunshine. But could this miserable weather be making you depressed?

With one in 15 of us said to suffer from 'Seasonal Affective Disorder', Dr Chris is here to investigate. Plus, he’ll be showing us the latest gadgets that could help.

The Van Tulleken brothers' medical masterclass

Doctors Chris and Alexander 'Xand' Van Tulleken are British doctors, TV presenters and identical twins. They’re best known for presenting the children’s series Operation Ouch! on CBBC where they debunk medical myths.

The brothers are now taking to the West End with their new stage show for adults, where they set the record straight on today’s medical hearsay. They’ll be telling us whether fat is really better than sugar, explaining the best way of getting over a hangover, and whether looking at your phone is actually bad for you.

Can broccoli really cure your back pain?

Millions of people suffer from it every day - and each week there’s another ‘groundbreaking’ cure for back pain. But, what really is the best way to treat chronic pain when it comes to your back?

From eating broccoli to cutting out coffee for good - Dr Chris is here to tell you what actually works.

'My cleaner saved me from loneliness'

New figures out today suggest that over 2.5 million older people in the UK suffer from a crippling isolation, where they feel unable to turn to anyone for help or support.

That was exactly how 89-year-old Roy Croucher felt after his wife passed away, until he found friendship in an unlikely candidate - his 35-year-old cleaner Emma. The pair join us to talk about their close bond, and why everyone needs to make more time for their neighbours.

The real story behind Britain's ambulance service

With temperatures plummeting, ambulance trusts up and down the country are warning us to prepare for the colder spell in a bid to take some pressure off their services, as the NHS predicts that this winter could be even more difficult than the last, amid growing demand and large-scale staff shortages.

Plus with nuisance 999 calls costing the NHS almost £19 million a year, what more can be done to improve the system and get the help to those who actually need it? And when it comes to calling an ambulance, do we really know when we need one?

We’re joined by two paramedics Paul Turner and Martin Berry, who know all too well what life on the front line is like.

Could a herbal remedy control cold sores?

With the cold weather creeping in and festive stress approaching, there are lots of things that could trigger a cold sore outbreak over the coming winter months. But how can you control the virus? And could a herbal remedy really be the cure? Dr Chris is here to investigate, plus he’ll be taking us through some of the latest health headlines.