The healthiest way to say hello

Stop the spread of germs by refusing to shake hands! Feel rude? Try a fist-bump instead - apparently it's the healthiest greeting going.

Still not convinced? Dr Chris explains why - and we think this could catch on!

What to do when a child is choking

We never know what we might be faced with - which is why it's essential everyone knows how to perform basic life support in a moment of crisis.

Here's Dr Ranj demonstrating how to stop a child from choking.

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How to administer basic life support for children

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Should pregnant women eat for two?

I think there is an unstoppable force that drives you to eat when you're pregnant!

– Holly Willoughby

This health headline caught our eye - according to guidance from chief medical officers, pregnant women should 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week, as extra weight gain in pregnancy has been shown to be 'quite a bad thing'.

So does this mean an end to eating for two too? Let's get some clarification from Dr Chris.

Could drinking beer help you to live longer?

Dr Chris gives us his diagnosis on the most important health stories hitting the headlines this week - and one that caught our eye is that there are surprising health benefits to drinking beer. So should we be raising a pint to this new research Dr Chris? šŸŗ

I'm fat but fit - the plus size fitness crusade

She weighs 15.9 stone and is a UK size 16, but Louise Green is the new poster girl for female fitness. The plus-size personal trainer has won over an army of fans after challenging the idea you need to be slim to be healthy - instead she wants us to be the ā€˜healthiest version of ourselvesā€™.

Louise wants to break the fitness industry mould

With the launch of her new book, Louise hopes to break the mould within the fitness industry and help women around the world to boost their self confidence and get in shape by striving for the perfect figure for YOU.

Louise joins us to talk about her crusade and share her tips for overweight beginners.

What is causing my migraines?

Dr Ranj and Dr Zoe talk to viewer Jo, who has called our Second Opinion hotline to ask what could be causing the migraines she's been having for all of her life - especially since a migraine in January left her left side completely numb.

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Can you really cure snoring in two weeks?

Snoring is often the butt of many a joke, but for many snoring is anything but funny. It can ruin relationships, destroy careers and in its most extreme form, can even kill.

Today we meet surgeon Mike Dilkes, dubbed ā€˜the patron saint of snorersā€™, who controversially says that it is a voluntary habit much like drinking or smoking that you can choose to stop. He has a simple workout which will help most to stop or to at least reduce decibel levels.

Also joining us are Cody Rogers and Anthony Olive live from their home in Bridlington, Yorkshire, whose relationship is under severe strain thanks to Anthony's nightly noise making.

I've been diagnosed with dementia at 50 - what should I do now?

Today's phone-in was all about dementia, as we asked leading expert June Andrews to answer viewers' questions about themselves or their loved ones.
Our first caller Tina has recently been diagnosed with dementia at the age of 50 - here's what June advised her to do.

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