The Life of Riley - get fit and lose weight!

Lisa Riley is back to inspire the nation to lose weight. Today she meets James Corden’s sister Ruth, who is struggling to lose weight before starting IVF treatment.

Together they try out an exercise class that is popular with the Beckhams and celebs like Harry Styles and Ellie Goulding - Barry’s Bootcamp.

Be inspired to get healthy and lose weight in 2018

How to keep your children's teeth healthy

Here’s a shock statistic: 170 children a day are having teeth taken out under general anaesthetic in England and Wales. The situation is similarly grim in Scotland and Northern Ireland where 30% and 40% of five year olds respectively have tooth decay - a condition caused by high levels of sugar and poor oral hygiene. So what can we do about it? And how can we encourage children to brush more regularly?

Dr Milad Shadrooh aka The Singing Dentist, joins us in the studio to show us the best techniques and products to keep your children’s teeth healthy.

Try out the latest gadgets for a healthy 2018

It tastes totally fine - we'll see in about two hours!

– Phillip reacts to drinking filtered Thames river water

Since 2014, 325 million of us have invested in fitness trackers to help with our daily calorie counts and physical activities! Are you looking for something new to kickstart your year?

From the latest smart water bottles, to an ingenious way to sort out your posture, Steve Wilson’s taking a look at some of the latest healthy-living gadgets to hit the marketplace. Cheers!

The Life of Riley! Be inspired to get healthy and lose weight in 2018

Lisa Riley is helping the nation to slim down by inspiring viewers to get healthy and lose weight in 2018.

Today she surprises viewer Lisa Reece-Woods who, at the age of 42, is a size 22-24. Lisa helps Lisa to organise her kitchen and understand how to make healthy eating easier to stick to.

And as a result, Lisa has lost ONE STONE since Lisa’s visit!

Now try Lisa's delicious recipes yourself

Super simple kedgeree

Garlic and chilli cod with roasted spinach and cauliflower

Sesame steak stir-fry

Skinny turkey burgers with celeriac chips

Sweet potato and vegetable chilli

Quinoa and halloumi salad

Thai courgette and carrot salad

Chicken satay salad

Apple and cinnamon strudel

The hero professor with the miracle migraine cure

It was our most talked about topic of the year, in fact over 10 million of you have now viewed our item on a new breakthrough vaccine for migraine sufferers.

Today, we’re talking to the selfless Professor Peter Goadsby who leads the migraine investigation that could change the lives of millions of people.