Dr Ranj takes on The Daily Mile

The simplest ideas are often the best - and this one’s no different: school children, running a mile a day, every day. This initiative has now become known as The Daily Mile and, this week, ITV is helping encourage schools across the UK to sign up.

On Tuesday, we saw 100 children run the This Morning Mile outside our studios - today, we’re continuing that message.

Dr Ranj visits a primary school in Manchester to show why taking part can not only tackle childhood obesity but also improve your child’s school performance. On your marks, get set, GO!

Sex addict mum: 'My addiction almost destroyed my life'

Although I was aware I was having these feelings, I didn't realise it was an addiction. I felt ashamed that it was literally all I could think about.

– Rebecca Barker said her obsession with sex almost destroyed her life

She thought it was just a high sex drive but Rebecca' Barker's addiction came close to ruining her life.

The 37 year old's obsession became so severe that she demanded sex at least five times a day, had relationships based purely on sex, and craved intercourse just moments after having it.

Revealing 'it was literally all she could think about', Rebecca, a mum of three, eventually admitted she was an addict.

You can drink wine and lose weight!

We all know that fizzy drinks are full of sugar - but have you ever considered how much of the white stuff your favourite glass of wine contains?

Well, if you're watching your weight but still like to enjoy a cheeky tipple, wine expert Helen McGinn is here to show you how a few smart swaps can slash the calorie and sugar content without compromising the taste.

Toff takes on the Daily Mile

It’s a simple idea from a teacher in Scotland that led to a Pride of Britain Award - The Daily Mile... Children jogging a mile every day to build up their fitness.

Now ITV are joining in to help encourage every school across the UK to sign up.

Today Toff takes children from one school that has never done it to a school that already has, to find out why it’s such a good idea...

Faisal's five ways to banish your bingo wings

He’s swapped burgers for kale, and nights out for workouts. Prince Harry is rumoured to have lost half a stone in the run up to his wedding to Meghan Markle in order to look his best on the big day.

With weeks to go, how can you shape up, quick smart? Whether you’re using dumbbells or household props, celebrity trainer Faisal is here with all his top five, last minute workouts for perfectly toned arms for you to show off this summer.