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Find a new hobby with these subscription boxes

If you’re looking for the perfect activity to keep busy during these cold winter days, Alice Beer has the solution for you.

From weekly sewing sets, to monthly gardening kits, there's a subscription box suited to everyone, and Alice is here with her pick of the best to help you find a brand new hobby in 2020.

How to beat pet obesity and get our furry friends fit

While we’re all guilty of putting on a bit of weight over the festive period, according to new research, we’re not the only ones!

Numbers suggest that 46% of dogs, and 34% of cats are clinically overweight and obese. So how can we help our pets beat the bulge?

Well, Dr Scott’s here with his fat fighting tips and advice to help get your furry friends fit this January.

David Domoney's tips for healthy houseplants

Houseplant sales have bloomed - with us Brits spending around £530 million on our potted friends each year. The Chelsea Flower Show is even introducing a houseplant category for the first time.

But how does a houseplant survive the winter and blossom in spring? David Domoney joins us from Stratford-Upon-Avon with his houseplant masterclass.

Tips to keep your canine calm when left home alone!

Separation anxiety is something that 1.8 million dogs in the UK suffer from when they’re left alone. But could this be avoided? A new study shows that nearly three quarters of UK pet owners claim music and audio helps keep their canine friends calm when temporarily left home alone.

Alice Beer joins us with more on that, and the latest gadgets to help ease the stresses your dogs go through.

Learn to wrap like a pro

Her clients include everyone from Victoria Beckham to the Queen - and today Britain’s present-wrapping guru, Jane Means, is back in the studio to share her tips for taking your wrapping skills to a whole new level.

Plus, Ruth reveals her secret for achieving the perfectly-wrapped present every time.

How to make amazing Christmas table crafts

Our home genie Georgina Burnett joins us with her top crafting tips to bring some festive flair to your Christmas table.

From fabulous place settings to show-stopping centrepieces, Georgina has the tips and tricks that will leave your guests in awe!

Keep your pets healthy this Christmas

Could treating your pet to Christmas leftovers actually be harmful? And are some festive plants really poisonous to our furry friends? Vet Dr Scott Miller joins us to tell us how to keep our pets happy and healthy this festive season.