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Troublesome dog? Call the Dogfather!

We may be a nation of dog lovers, but that love can go away when they’re driving us up the wall! So who do you call? The Dogfather of course!

Graeme Hall is back for a brand new series of Dogs Behaving Very Badly, which sees him travel across Britain to help out of control dogs and their desperate owners. Graeme joins us on the sofa alongside Sarah and Jodie Lynn who have him to thank for calming their pooch Peggy.

Alison in the Alps

With the ski season officially kicking off, people are flocking to the mountains. But if skiing isn’t your idea of fun, never fear!

From car racing on the ice, to dancing at the most famous bar in the alps, Alison is showing us how to party it up in the pistes.

She’s heading to Val d’Isere, one of the most famous alpine resorts in Europe. And she’s got everything you need to know about holidaying in the snow, without the need for a pair of skis.

The superfood trends for 2019

Spirulina and kale may have been the superfoods of 2018, but this year… they’re old news.

As we turn our attention to healthy eating this January - nutritionist Lily Soutter is here with her guide to the 2019 foods we’ll all be turning to, and the list will definitely surprise you!

We've got Christmas all wrapped up for you

Are you about to face a weekend of constant present wrapping? With the big day fast approaching, we’ve enlisted the help of Prince Charles’ and Victoria Beckham’s Christmas wrapping guru, Jane Means.

From obscure objects to divine decorations, Jane’s here to take the stress out of wrapping.

Purrfect gifts every pet will want! 😻

According to a recent survey, nearly half of pet owners are planning to spend more on their pet than on their mother-in-law, with the average spend being £17.45 per pet. One in ten will buy at least seven presents for their cat or dog!

But if you're struggling to find the purrfect gift, don't worry, because we've got you covered.