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Have you tried this amazing garlic hack yet?

Slicing garlic and taking the bins out don’t need to be taxing - Steve Wilson is back with some handy home hacks.

Phillip and Holly's reaction to the egg yolk separating hack might give you a clue as to how it went live on air...

"It worked so well in rehearsal", claims Steve!

12 water bottles to keep you hydrated this summer

As the weather hots up, you might need some help keeping cool in with a handy new water bottle.

The NHS recommends that in a climate such as the UK's we should drink about 1.2 litres (that's six to eight glasses) of fluid every day to stop us getting dehydrated.

So ditch (read: recycle) those disposable plastics and drink up!

How to trim your bush like a pro

June is the perfect time of year to cut back your bush, but how do you go about it? And what shape should you be aiming for?

Trimming expert Charlie Bloom talks us through how to get the best results plus Holly and Phillip go head-to-head as they put their hedge trimming skills to the test in the ultimate Bush Plucker Trial.

How to prune

Charlie says: "Usually you want to prune in June or July and generally you should just need to do it once a year. At other times you can chop the odd branch away but they should generally stay in shape. You should always avoid cutting hedges in the sun as this can scorch the plant and harm it - think of it like you're wounding the plant and the sun is burning it after. Also you shouldn't really prune in the winter, especially in the frost, as this again can limit regrowth."

Charlie's pick of trimming tools

  1. Electric hedge trimmers - "These are best if you have a large area of bush/hedging to prune. This is the first stage in cutting back the overgrown bits and leaving you with a nice clean hedge to work more intricately with. There are also really good cordless trimmers which means you can charge it up and take it anywhere - which is particularly good if you have a rather large garden, or difficult places to reach."

  2. Shearing scissors - "These are good for large areas as they can quickly clear away overgrowth."

  3. Topiary scissors - "These are good for much more intricate trimming, so if you're trying to do shapes or specific details on the bush, they're specially designed to work wonders."

  4. Standard scissors - "If you really just need to get in there and take out that last little bit of overgrowth to get the perfect shape, standard scissors work great. It's just for those fiddly bits at the very end."

  5. Hand trimmer - "Personally I think they're better than big hedge trimmer because you have more control and really shape your bush"

Upcycle your furniture the easy way

The Home Genie is here to help us refresh our homes without spending big - from teaching us how to paint our favourite chair, to adding a personal touch to that side table.

Property developer Georgina Burnett shares her guide to upcycling, and shows us how we can get the kids involved too.

The secret gardens of Chelsea

The Chelsea Flower Show attracted thousands of visitors last week - with some queueing for hours to get a peek inside Kate Middleton’s gorgeous display.

But with so many other gardens in full bloom, Made In Chelsea star Mark-Francis Vandelli takes us in search of the borough’s finest greenery.

Create your own Garden of Eden

This week the annual Chelsea Flower Show has inspired us to get into our gardens and create a more beautiful outdoor space.

With visitors admiring displays including the Duchess of Cambridge’s garden, and a second year of the This Morning rose, we’re getting some tips of how to create an instant update as the bank holiday weekend approaches and a supposed scorching summer lies ahead.

Forget camping… this spring, it’s all about glamping!

It was once a pursuit for Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, festival goers and the adventurers amongst us - but today Alice Beer is here to prove that you too can be a camping convert.

So forget thinking you have to forego home comforts to enjoy the great outdoors, we’ve got everything you need to ensure the whole family are happy campers.