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Bring the outdoors in with Kelly Brook's houseplant hacks

Spring is just around the corner, but if your green fingers can’t wait to get gardening, why not bring the outdoors inside with some beautiful houseplants?

Whether you’re a potted plant amateur or a horticultural enthusiast, we've got something for everyone. Kelly Brook is on hand to tell us which plants work best for which room in your house, as well as some handy hacks to help keep them alive and thriving!

Living room

Plant experts Patch Plant say this is a room which gets a lot of foot traffic so a statement plant will always go down well. Living rooms often have a cosy feel with low level lighting. The lighting in a room affects how a plant grows, so it is important to consider this when choosing a plant for this space.

- Cacti and succulents
- Orchids
- Swiss cheese plant


There are a bunch of household plants that bring calming effects and are known to help promote a healthy sleep pattern. If you have a hard time sleeping at night, try bringing in one of these plants to help sooth you and control stress levels.

- Lavender
- Snake plant
- Aspidistra
- Corn plant


Go with tropical plants for this space, since the environment in the bathroom is similar to what these varieties are used to: low light levels, high humidity, and warm temperature.

- Aloe vera
- Fern

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