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A new garden for a new school term

It’s a new term for all of us including the pupils at St George’s school in Bromley.

As they celebrate their 150th anniversary we’ve sent gardening guru Danny Clarke back to the playground to surprise the children with a very special outdoor space.

Must-have back-to-school stationery

With most children starting school next week, back-to-school shopping is in full swing and high on most parent’s priority list is swanky stationery for the little ones.

But just where do you start? From luxury journals and electronic smartbooks, to the best budget buys, Rochelle is here with this year’s must-have back-to-school stationery.

Seventies houseplants are back 🌵

A few short years ago, that old spider plant would have been seen by interior designers as unforgivably retro. Now, 1970s house plants are back in fashion.

From succulents to orchids to the cheese plant, houseplant popularity is growing. The Royal Horticultural Society reported a 50% increase in sales last year, with sales this year up too. The hashtag #plantsofinstagram has been used over 3.5 million times and it’s not just because of how they look.

Houseplants are said to have both mental and physical health benefits - lifting mood, helping with anxiety and depression, and combating pollution.

Our gardener Michael Perry is here with his pick of the bunch, in all of their leafy green glory.

Stop the clothes moths invasion!

They eat our clothes, our carpets, and our food - and now there’s more of them than ever! The UK is in the middle of a clothes moth invasion, with their numbers tripling in the last five years. Now is the time to fight back against this winged menace!

Bug expert Professor James Logan is here with his must-know advice for defending against the swarm.

How to spider-proof your house

Arachnophobes beware - spider season has arrived early this year.

Usually we would prepare for a spider influx in early autumn, but a mix of heavy rainfall and warm days has tricked the creepy crawlies into premature mating and our eight-legged friends are flocking into our homes now!

Fortunately Professor James Logan is here to help spider-proof your home with his tips and tricks.

Why organising your fridge can change your life

Organising guru Marie Kondo’s latest subject is the fridge, that she says should ALWAYS be 30 per cent empty. But with the kids at home for the holidays - is this really possible?

Freezer queen Justine Pattison is here to help, and is giving us the ultimate fridge makeover!

From space-saving tips, to knowing which shelves you should be keeping your milk, meat and sauces on, Justine is here with the tips and tricks we've all been missing.

The world's first houseplant hotel 🌱

Keeping plants alive is no easy feat, but thanks to the world’s first hotel for household plants, gone are the days of worrying whether your neighbour remembers to water your beloved shrubs while you jet off on holiday.

The new 5-star botanicals-only hotel takes care of your potted friends and ensures they get top-notch care while you enjoy your holiday.

We sent David Domoney and his bay leaf tree along to find out what's in store for pampered plants checking in.