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Designer interiors at supermarket prices

Grab your trolley as Alice Beer takes us shopping for the best interiors, straight from the supermarket.

No longer just somewhere to go when the fridge supplies run low, supermarkets are the go-to place if you want to refresh your home on a budget.

From cushions to coffee tables, there’s something for every house, so forget high-end and get ready for a supermarket sweep (and an amusing cushion rant from our Eamonn)!

How clean is your bed?

We spend a third of our lives in bed - but with millions of us changing our sheets just once a month and almost half of us having NEVER cleaned our mattress, Alice Beer shocks one brave volunteer by revealing how dirty her bed really is.

Using clever technology, Alice extracts liquid from grandmother Karen’s mattress to reveal the yucky brown solution she’s sleeping on every night, and she also has tips on how you can keep your bed clean.

Fake flowers vs the real deal - can you tell the difference?

They may have once been a dreary feature of 70s UK homes, gathering dust in the downstairs loo - but now, decades later, it seems faux flowers are in full bloom again.

Artificial blooms have made an appearance at flower shows for the first time - and royal florist, Philippa Craddock, has even launched her own range of faux flowers.

They're not how you remember - realistic texture, colour and intricate attention to detail is key, while tell-tale, tacky nylon is out for good. Gardener Michael Perry joins us with his pick of the best.

How to prevent insect bites this summer

While our lovely long summer has bought with it endless days in the paddling pool, picnics in the park and Pimm's in the pub garden, all this outdoor activity has also meant running the gauntlet of pesky insects - all waiting to take a piece out of us!

So should we really be rubbing garlic cloves on our skin, drinking tonic water or munching on marmite to repel them? Is there any trap we can set to wasp-proof our picnic?

Insect expert Professor James Logan is the man with all we need to know, including the four ingredients we should look out for:

  • Deet
  • PMD (lemon eucalyptus) Picaridin
  • IR3535

Kitchen gadgets to make your life easier!

Ahead of her appearance on Celebrity Masterchef, we’re joined by Jean Johansson who’ll be revealing the clever kitchen gadgets to save you time and hassle - including the tear-free onion goggles, the heat conducting knife and the ‘rub away’ bar that removes stubborn smells!

Alice in Sunderland: Genius household hacks

Alice continues her adventures in Sunderland by returning to the home of reality star Charlotte Crosby. Charlotte has an incredible FIVE bathrooms in her home, all in need of a bit of a spruce and a shine. So Alice rolls her sleeves up and shares the genius cleaning hacks that are about to make all our lives a whole lot easier!