Take our blooming beautiful orchid masterclass

It's time to stop thinking about the winter chill and start looking forward to spring! Gardening expert Michael Perry is joining us in the studio to show us how to care for orchids at home and to dispel some of those plant-keeping myths.

Are banana skins and cinnamon good for orchids? And can they really survive on one ice cube of water a week? Your orchids will no longer be ornamental sticks, they'll be bloomin' marvelous!

What should be going in your fridge?

What lies beneath...or in this case, behind the crusty ketchup bottle and the mouldy cheddar cheese!

Even the tidiest people in the world can have disorganised fridges, which can make it very hard to find what you're looking for. So if you’ve ever returned from the weekly shop to find you already have five bags of lettuce, or if you’ve ever put a jar of jam in the fridge never for it to be seen again, it’s time to put life back in order.

Organiser extraordinaire Vicky Silverthorn is here to help you make the most out of your fridge and transform it into an organised oasis.

Top tips for drying your laundry indoors

Temperatures are set to take a tumble once again this week, it looks like pegging your clothes out on the washing line still isn’t an option for many. So what do you do if you want to avoid the expense of a tumble dryer?

Consumer queen Alice Beer is here to demonstrate a whole host of alternative tricks, techniques and gadgets that are environmentally friendly and could save you money, time and space.

How to make your own slime

It’s the global phenomenon that dominated people’s search engines in 2017, and how to make slime continues to be one of this year’s biggest crazes.

Juliet Sear guides Holly and Phil through making their own batch of slime, and reveals why families across the nation are loving this sticky substance!