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How to prepare your pets to be alone after lockdown

We're a nation of pet lovers with nearly half of UK households owning a fluffy companion. After spending 2 months at home with our animals, we will all soon be preparing to go back to work.

But, how can we stop them feeling lonely? Dr Scott is here with all the tips and tricks of how we can get our beloved pets ready for the new ‘normal’.

Are our schools ready to reopen on Monday?

As the first lot of school children are set to walk through the gates on Monday - what does your school have in place to help keep them safe?

Today, Alice Beer talks to Jane Tailby, Headteacher at Bridgetown Primary School, in Stratford-upon-Avon to find out how our primary schools are adapting.

The new rules of lockdown explained!

Six people at one time for England, eight for Scotland, and in Guernsey you can form a ‘bubble’. It seems the easing of lockdown is on the way… but how fast depends on where you live.

We'll be comparing the lockdown rules around the nations and regions with Matthew Wright and Dr Zoe. Asking just what we can do in which part of the country, why measures like social distancing are still so important to keep 'the R' down, and if it can ever really be policed.

Could hairdressers be allowed to reopen in June?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says that he's 'more optimistic' about holidays this summer and is reviewing how we could all get back to the hairdressers...

At 9am this morning, the government launched the NHS Test and Trace system for England. Right now, you could receive a phone call from an NHS contact tracer informing you that you’ve been in contact with an infected person, and must isolate for 14 days.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that the system will be a gamechanger in lifting the lockdown.

So will its introduction mean hairdressers could reopen and summer foreign travel become a possibility? We put the questions to Hancock himself, as he joins us live.

NHS Test and Trace launches across England

NHS Test and Trace will officially launch across England on Thursday with the help of 25,000 contact tracers, although an accompanying app is still delayed by several weeks.

People with coronavirus will have their contacts traced under the scheme, which aims to cut off routes of transmission for the virus and control local flare-ups.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has urged the public to carry out their "civic duty" and make the new test and trace system work - saying the only other option is continuing the lockdown.

Shoppers face long queues and no toilets in strict measures

On Monday, Boris Johnson announced that thousands of shops and department stores can get back to business from 15 June. But with retailers having to comply with a new set of safety guidance, what can shoppers expect when they reopen?

One-way systems, closed changing rooms, no toilets and a limit on the number of customers in each store are just a few of the measures being proposed.

Today Alice Beer joins us from Cribbs Causeway shopping centre in Bristol to explain more.