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Madagascar: The Musical - live in the studio

They like to move it, move it! It’s one of the most popular kids movies around and this half term Friday, the cast of Madagascar: The Musical featuring X Factor winner Matt Terry join us in the studio for a live performance of ‘I Like To Move It’ to promote their UK theatre tour.

The controversial 'tug of war' zoo

A zoo has been condemned by animal rights campaigners after it launched an event charging visitors £15 to play ‘tug-of-war’ with lions and tigers. Whilst the zoo argues that the activity is to keep the animals fit and healthy, others claim that it shows a total lack of respect for them.

We’re joined live from Dartmoor Zoo by its boss Benjamin Mee who will defend what they’re doing, and in the studio by the CEO of Lion Aid, Christine Macsween, who thinks the zoo’s actions are abhorrent.

Reveal your baby's gender LIVE on This Morning!

Are you pregnant, but don't yet know if you're expecting a little boy or girl? Well how would you like to find out LIVE on This Morning?

Look what happened last time we revealed three babies' genders live on air!

If you're expecting, and are able to find out the gender of your baby, get in touch with us by emailing by 5pm on Monday 4th March.

Interested? Read on!

- You must be between 16-20 weeks pregnant, and able to find out the gender of the baby via scan

- We will reveal the gender by having your sonographer tell us the results of your scan

- We will not be arranging the scan itself, just the reveal

- You and your partner must be available to take time off work to appear on the show

- You must send your full names, ages, picture, and background (how long you've been together, if it's your first baby etc)

- You must be 18 or over, and terms can be found at

Peek inside Meghan Markle's lavish baby shower

She’s due to welcome her first baby in less than two months, and Meghan Markle has certainly been celebrating in style with a lavish baby shower held by her closest pals in New York - including best friends, Serena Williams and Amal Clooney.

But has Meghan gone 'too far' with the pricey celebrations? And where is sister-in-law Kate Middleton? Royal expert Camilla Tominey is here to discuss the extravagant affair.

'I'm not a criminal for helping my husband to die'

Earlier this month, 80-year-old Geoff Whaley chose to end his life at Dignitas clinic in Switzerland. But, in an open letter posted to MPs written before his death - Geoff said the final weeks of his life had 'been blighted by visits from social services and police' - after his wife faced criminal charges for assisting him in his journey to Switzerland.

As his family continue to petition for a change in law on assisted suicide, we’re joined by Geoff’s wife Ann and daughter Alix.

'I want to be reunited with the twins I bought online'

In 2001, Alan and Judith Kilshaw hit the headlines after admitting they had paid more than £8,000 to buy babies online. As the press and public turned against them, a bitter custody battle unravelled and the identical twin girls were taken into care.

Almost 20 years on, Judith Kilshaw tells us why now is the right time to reconnect with them following the death of her ex-husband Alan.