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Harry Dunn's mum: 'I will get justice for my son'

It’s been six months since teenager Harry Dunn was killed in Northamptonshire and his mother Charlotte is still waiting for justice.

The woman charged with causing death by dangerous driving, Anne Sacoolas, left for the US - claiming diplomatic immunity - and now it’s been reported she is a former spy herself.

So will the family ever find closure? Will she ever return to face justice? Charlotte certainly thinks so - and she joins us alongside her lawyer Radd Seiger today.

On how the couple are coping, Harry's mother Charlotte said: "In terms of really deeply grieving, we haven't even scratched the surface yet - we're too busy.

"I'm only just being able to get through my supermarket shop - I've spent the last 5-6 months walking into a supermarket and having to walk straight out. You lose your train of thought, you see Harry's favourite cereals and Harry's favourite sweets, and there's no point in buying them - they're the hard parts."

On the unanswered questions, Charlotte said: "We want to know the exact timeline, who allowed her [Anne Sacoolas] to leave, why they allowed her to leave - we're angry and we want to know."

Despite this though, Radd Seiger says he is more confident than ever that there will be a positive outcome: "It is never going to be acceptable for an American, whoever they are, to come over to this country, take the life of a precious young member of our community and then get on the next plane back home."

Brits on quarantined cruise test positive for coronavirus

A British couple on board the cruise ship quarantined in Japan fear they have tested positive for coronavirus.

David and Sally Abel have posted regular updates from on board the Diamond Princess, which is quarantined near Yokohama, Japan.

We speak to their son, Steve Abel, to ask how his parents are coping, and what he expects to happen next.

She said yes! Our surprise proposal goes without a hitch 💍

They’ve spent six months apart while he’s been based in the Falklands... but today,
Gregg Westwood and Mercedes Witchalls are reunited - with a very special surprise in store indeed!

Recruitment PA Mercedes has no idea her Grenadier Guard boyfriend of seven years Gregg is in the same country, let alone the same studio as her. In fact Mercedes thinks she is in London because Gregg’s sister-in-law Alex, has won tickets for the ITV Daytime Studios Tour!

The only contact the couple have had in the last six months is via text message, because there is no phone signal where Gregg is based in the Falklands. So how will Mercedes react when Gregg walks through our studio doors, and how will they both react when we surprise them with a honeymoon-in-waiting?

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'I grew my heart!' The single mum who's fostered 150 children

"I had three sons already, so I wasn't wanting to grow my family... but I grew my heart!"

Andy Hider

She’s opened her door to 150 foster children, and now 74-year-old Andy Hider is being honoured for her services with an MBE.

It all started 35 years ago when Andy was strapped for cash and saw a bookmark advertising fostering for children with challenging behaviour, on the floor of the library.

"I'm so happy that I have had the best job in the world for 35 years"

Andy Hider

Today Andy joins us to share her remarkable story, alongside son Ben Scott, who nominated her for the award.

Remembering Caroline Flack

"It's worth people knowing what's going on in someone's head who suffers mental health issues, is that they feel like they're a burden"

Nicola Thorp talks about mental health as we remember television presenter Caroline Flack, who tragically took her own life.

Do we need stricter safeguarding laws for celebrities?

Following her tragic death on Saturday, tributes continue to pour in for television presenter Caroline Flack. But the shocking news has also prompted concerning questions about the pressures Caroline faced in the weeks running up to her death.

We're joined by former journalist Emma Jones, who is now on the board of Hacked Off, and psychologist Emma Kenny.

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