Katie Piper and her mum share their stories and secrets on motherhood

After the horrific acid attack that changed her life forever, Katie Piper has transformed herself from victim to victor, inspiring people across the country with her courage and determination. Now she has joined forces with the one person who inspires her the most - her mother, to celebrate the unique bond they share and to advise any prospective parents on how to cope with the unique mother / daughter dynamic.

They join us on the sofa today to talk kids, calamities and keeping your head up through the storm.

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Kieron Dyer: 'I kept my abuse silent for 20 years - now I'm speaking out'

After being thrust into a world of money and fame, footballer Kieron Dyer became more famous for his actions off the pitch than on the pitch. From crashing his £120,000 Ferrari to gambling away tens of thousands of pounds between games, Kieron’s life was a rollercoaster.

But behind the headlines the former footballer harboured a devastating secret. For 20 years Kieron stayed quite about the sexual abuse he endured as a child.

Today, he tells us about his ordeal, why he stayed silent for so long and how he let fame and fortune go to his head.

Child abuse and survivor support helplines

Schoolboy’s touching poem for grieving teacher goes viral

Losing a pet can be heartbreaking and when Gemma Dunne’s beloved dog Charlie passed away, she couldn’t bear the thought of going back to work as a primary school teacher. Devastated, all she wanted to do was hide away from the world. But that changed when she received a heartwarming poem from one of her pupils, Callum Ferguson, paying tribute to Charlie.

The schoolboy’s sweet gesture has gone viral - racking up more than 29,000 retweets and almost 150,000 likes online. Sarah Greene is live with Gemma, Callum and his dad at their school in Glasgow.

Is it time for a change in the organ donation law?

Today MPs will hold a vote on revolutionising how England’s organ donation system works. Campaigners have waited decades for this moment, and call it an opportunity to “give the gift of life.” Currently people must ‘opt in’, to indicate they wish to donate their organs, but if the bill is passed, it would be a crucial step towards introducing a system which presumes consent.

We’re joined by Charlotte Carney, who is on the waiting list for a heart transplant, and hopes MPs will do the ‘right thing'.

UKIP couple say sorry for model's racist comments

Henry Bolton is officially back together with his girlfriend Jo Marney after being voted out as UKIP leader last weekend - just five months into the job. The 25-year-old model’s shockingly racist messages were sent to a friend, and were leaked online. They included slurs made against Prince Harry’s fiancée in which she said Ms Markle's "seed" would "taint the Royal Family" and described black people as "ugly".

The leak resulted in her immediate suspension from UKIP - and her 54-year-old love Henry was soon forced out of his job as leader. Jo has since apologised for her remarks.

Today they join us exclusively in their first interview together.

'I've spent £45,000 to look like a real-life elf'

I am aware of my human limitations

– Luis Padron

Argentinian Luis Padron has spent over £45K to transition into what he has always wanted to be: an elf. To achieve his dream, he's had liposuction on his jaw, rhinoplasty, full body hair removal, laser skin bleaching, an op to create a 'vampiric' widow's peak hairline, and more.

Luis joins us, live from his home in Buenos Aires, to talk about life as an elf and the drastic surgery it took to become the creature Luis says he was born to be.

'I made millions shoplifting - but now I've changed'

'I've stopped stealing, but now no one will give me a job!'

Back in 2015, Kim Farry sat on our sofa and revealed how she'd built up a reputation as one of the country’s most notorious shoplifters to fund her lavish lifestyle which included boob jobs, designer goods and luxury holidays.

The newspapers dubbed her The Millionaire Shoplifter - since she reportedly made £2 million during her 44-year ‘shoplifting career’. She told us that she had been a bad mother to her six children, even spending time in jail. But that day, she revealed her determination to turn her life around and show people it’s never too late to change.

Almost three years since she gave up her criminal past, Kim is still unemployed but has remained on the straight and narrow. She joins us to talk about her struggle to find a job, keeping to her word, and why her story may soon be appearing on the big screen.