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Is it time to ban wrapping paper and rent your Christmas tree?

Are you dreaming of a ‘woke’ Christmas?

As concerns for the environment increase - campaigners have urged British people to be more eco-minded this festive season.

People are being encouraged to rent their Christmas trees, stop sending cards and only use natural materials for decorations.

We’re joined by Friends of the Earth campaigner Clare Oxborrow who believes presents should be second hand in a bid to save the planet, while Christmas lover Georgina Fuller says the festive season is all about indulgence.

The Speakmans confront their own past trauma

They’ve helped hundreds of people overcome their struggles, and now, as they prepare to launch a new series for This Morning looking at the traumatic effects of some relationships, the Speakmans join Phillip and Holly as Eva reveals her own past trauma.

Eva suffered an abusive relationship which she has finally found the courage to open up about, and has only recently told her mum. But who heals the healers? Eva shares her story live.

The drag queen teen: "Bullies will never change who I am"

It’s anti-bullying week and we’re continuing our ‘Be Kind’ campaign with 15-year-old Lewis Bailey. At just 11 years old and confused about his sexuality,

Lewis became the target of playground bullies. After years of torment he changed schools, hoping for a fresh start. Instead, he made headlines when the head teacher of his new school prevented him from performing in drag in the school talent show.

Appearing on our show in 2018, Lewis shared his story and since then has been overwhelmed with support. He has gone on to embrace his uniqueness and even has his own TV documentary, ‘My Life: Not Just a Boy in a Dress’.

He joins us now along with his biggest supporter, his sister Mariah to tell us how he’s helping others just like him.

The rise of home DNA testing

Last night, ITV series ‘Ant and Dec’s DNA Journey’ concluded, revealing a fascinating insight into the TV presenters’ past.

Working with Ancestry, the popular pair visited America and Ireland to uncover more about their family history, there were plenty of revelations and emotional moments, with the duo discovering they even share a DNA link.

Today we’re joined by family history expert Russell James, to explain how DNA testing works, the amazing results it can reveal and why home DNA kits are on the rise.

The 98-year-old poppy seller: We salute you

To help us mark Remembrance Day we’ve invited a special guest to join us on the sofa - WW2 veteran, Bill Champion, who at the grand old age of 98 is one of The Royal British Legion’s most dedicated poppy sellers.

He joins us alongside Gulf War Veteran, John Nichol, to remember the sacrifices made and friends lost.

Flooding update: Live from Yorkshire

Over the past few days we’ve seen the devastation caused by floods across Northern England.

With almost 50 flood warnings still in place - five of those severe warnings and deemed a threat to life - This Morning reporter, David Blackmore, brings us the latest, and meets those worst affected.

And joining us on Facetime, is dad Steve Bottomley, whose 11-year-old son was sucked into an underground pipe after falling into a flooded river.