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Can you really train your baby like a dog?

She’s the animal behaviourist who’s causing controversy with her radical new parenting techniques. After a successful career training dogs, Jo-Rosie Haffenden has now started to apply the same methods to children.

From offering them treats, to using a clicker, Jo-Rosie insists her techniques turn uncontrollable infants into caring and compassionate humans.

As she prepares to share her tips in tonight’s documentary ‘Train Your Baby Like A Dog’, she joins us today (armed with her clicker!) to explain why she believes we all need to train our children like mutts.

From crafting queen to millionaire Dragon

She was once invited to pitch her business on Dragons’ Den - now she’s joined the hit show as its youngest-ever investor.

Multi-millionaire mum Sara Davies is swapping her investors chair for our sofa today, to tell us all about her humble beginnings, juggling her millionaire status with motherhood, and how she transformed herself from crafting queen to ferocious Dragon.

The terrifying real-life story behind Dirty John

It’s the true-crime thriller which captivated millions around the world, but Netflix series ‘Dirty John’ is nothing compared to the real-life story that inspired the show.

Wealthy businesswoman Debra Newell thought she'd met the man of her dreams when the charming John Meehan walked into her life, but her family were never convinced. It wasn't until after John had tied the knot with Debra, and enacted his control over her entire life, that she discovered he was in fact a pathological liar, drug addict and criminal.

Debra's youngest daughter Terra had her suspicions from the start, and after her mum called things off with John, found herself the target of his anger. She ultimately ended up in a terrifying fight to the death with John, as he attacked her with a knife in a carpark.

Three years on from that shocking evening, Terra joins us live from her home in LA to tell us about using the experience to help others, and how she’s tried to move on from the ‘Dirty John’ nightmare.

Would you give up flying to help fight climate change?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced new criticism this week, after apparently going against their own environmental ethics, by enjoying four ‘gas-guzzling’ private flights in just eleven days.

Despite Sir Elton John defending the couple by revealing he arranged their most recent private flight, many have continued to label Harry and Meghan hypocrites.

The Royal couple aren’t alone - with many other high-profile climate change campaigners continuing to enjoy luxury air travel - so should they all remain permanently on the ground?

Green Party member Zoe Hatch thinks air travel should be banned. After she and her entire family decided to stop flying in 2015, she believes anyone who cares about the planet should follow suit.

Whereas our travel expert Simon Calder, despite being environmentally conscious, thinks banning air travel would be a sad way to close off the world. Both join us in the studio.

What is in Joey Essex's manbag?

He's a man who takes great pride in his style, with an entire room of his house dedicated to his clothing and accessories, but what is in the manbag Joey Essex carries everywhere with him?

Here's five interesting things we learnt from Monday's show...

ONE. Joey Essex and Eamonn actually own the same manbag!

The essentials that Joey insists on carrying everywhere with him include his phone, earphones, eye drops and lypsyl.

In fact, he owns the same manbag as Eamonn, but Ruth isn't quite convinced he can carry it off!

TWO. The three words that can save your life

What Three Words is an app that could save your life if you find yourself lost or in need of emergency assistance.

It uses a grid made up of 57 trillion squares measuring 3m by 3m and each square has been assigned three random words. You can locate yourself on the app and if you need to call 999, tell the operator the three words and they will be able to find you much more easily. It is particularly handy in rural locations or on long roads with a single post code and can even be used offline.

THREE. Carol Vorderman still has ambitions to fly solo around the world

Carol will soon be turning 60 and commenting on that milestone she told us: “Hopefully [I will] get this flight around the world solo. When mum died, that all happened a few weeks before I was due to take off."

Carol obtained her pilot’s licence in 2014 and was planning to tackle the feat in her twin-engine propeller plane nicknamed Mildred.

FOUR. There could be an S Club 7 reunion on the cards

On the rumours, Rachel Stevens said: 'You never know, it bubbles up every now and then, obviously there’s seven of us in very different stages of our lives, but it does bubble up.'


FIVE. Eamonn does NOT like unnecessary cushions!

Speaking to Ruth about her penchant for interior design, he said: ‘I used to have a lad pad until you came along. Why are there cushions everywhere? Why every night before bed, do I have to spend 15 minutes taking sand bags off my bed?’.

Ruth explained that she simply likes 'dressing the room', something Joey Essex later agreed with.

Carol Vorderman on facing up to ageism

If someone said you 'looked great for your age' - would you take it as a compliment?

While it might seem like a harmless turn of phrase, research has shown that casual ageism is making 68% of over 50s feel undervalued. And one person who agrees is 58-year-old Carol Vorderman.

As she approaches the big 6-0, Carol tells us about facing up to ageism, and why she has no plans to slow down.

Asked when she had experienced ageism, Carol admitted: “Most of my life, let’s be fair. Twenty years ago I wore a blue dress to the BAFTAs which was above the knee, I was 39. That became a massive story, programmes were made about it. Not about the dress, it became about should a woman aged 39 wear a dress above the knee? I was called mutton dressed as lamb. Would you call a 39 year-old today mutton dressed as lamb because she wore a dress above the knee? Of course you wouldn’t! That’s just nonsense.

Carol continued: “The point about ageist remarks are that they belong to the last Century. I get it all the time and has my attitude changed whatsoever? No! And is it going to change? No!”

On whether these comments ever sting, Carol revealed: “No, never. What is age appropriate? Surely it’s about the spirit of somebody.”

The royal prank call that ended in tragedy

In 2012, Australian radio DJs - Mel Greig and Michael Christian - fooled nurses at London's King Edward VII Hospital into sharing sensitive details on the Duchess of Cambridge, who was being treated for severe morning sickness at the time.

But, the prank call ended in tragedy when nurse Jacintha Saldanha took her own life three days later.

Seven years on, and still ‘haunted’ by the events - Mel joins us from Sydney to discuss her guilt, and explain how she’s turned her life around.

During the interview with Eamonn and Ruth, Mel admitted that she thought about ending her life after hearing about what happened to Jacintha.

'If I'm perfectly honest, it's been hard to live. About six months after the prank call, I contemplated whether I should still be here,' she admitted.

'I remember sitting there on the bathroom floor, just thinking, "am I ever going to get through this? Is this what my life is like now?", and I came to a conclusion that it was absolutely not the answer for me and it should never be the answer for anyone.

'In that moment when I chose life, I decided to move forward and to learn what I could from what happened and help other people.'

We're maxi fans of our minis, and other highlights of the week

Mini Davina and mini Rochelle did a maximal job of presenting on Friday's show!

It's not every day you get to have a posh meal at This Morning... promise we'll brush up on our etiquette for next time, William!

It might have been pouring on Monday, but the TM crew were as prepared as always...

Sue Johnston can come back anytime, what with the secrets she spills! Naming no names... (Downton)

They're the newest presenting duo on the block, so Eamonn made sure to immortalise his Gemma Collins' sofa time with a snap!

Awww, what a great way to start Friday's show... with a hug!

When you're having your hair shaved off for charity like Caroline, who better to make the first snip than your very brave daughter!