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Matchmaker Mountain: Will the jive cause sparks to fly?

Six singletons have started their search for love on Matchmaker Mountain and last week we saw them lock eyes with each other for the very first time.

Now they've started to get to know one another, Strictly Judge Shirley Ballas sets out to turn up the heat, to see if sparks will fly on the dance floor.

'Strangers think my girlfriend is my nurse'

Being wheelchair-bound with Muscular Atrophy didn’t stop Shane Burcaw from asking out able-bodied Hannah Aylward, but from their very first date, she has often been confused in public as his carer, sister, and even his mother!

But now they're on a mission to let the world know they're in love and with 150,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel, the Minnesota-based couple are on their way to breaking the stigma of inter-able dating.

Will 2019 bring more royal rifts?

There was another royal resignation for Meghan at the weekend, as the Duchess of Sussex's bodyguard became the latest member of her staff to quit. But what's behind the claims that she's been nicknamed Hurricane Meghan?

Did Kate really not invite her to her birthday? And how does Prince Harry feel about the recent spate of negative stories about her in the press? Our royal correspondent Camilla Tominey gives us an insight into goings on at the palace.

Deal or no deal? Mr Brexit Nigel Farage gives verdict on vote

On Tuesday Theresa May will attempt to get her Brexit deal through Parliament. If she loses, the government will have just three days to come up with fresh plans, or else risk a no-deal Brexit, a vote of no confidence, or parliament seizing control of negotiations.

Nigel Farage joins us ahead of the momentous vote, telling us why he thinks Theresa May is the most “dishonest” leader we’ve ever had and revealing he’ll “give up everything” to win in the event of a second referendum.

Eamonn can't resist puppy-dog eyes!

Here's five things we learnt from Friday's This Morning. And remember, if you're attempting home balayage, do a patch test first!

1. Eamonn's a sucker for puppy-dog eyes

Eamonn can't resist his dog Maggie when she looks at him pleadingly with puppy-dog eyes!

"When that face looks at you when you're having the odd thing to eat, it just looks at you as if it's never seen food in its life!", he said, as we met a grub-loving Collie nicknamed Bopper the Whopper.

But don't worry, our presenter also confirmed that he doesn't feed his pup human food - just dog-safe eats.

2. Home balayage is totally possible

If you fancy an ombre look, hairdresser Lee Stafford reveals that a visit to the salon isn't necessary. A DIY balayage kit contains everything you need to create the multi-toned hairdo, for example gloves, brush, and even a mixing bowl!

Molly, above, had a little help from Lee but admits she'd be happy to go solo next time.

Hands up who else is feeling brave?

3. It's never too late to look for love...

...and you might find a new friend along the way! That's what's happened to 83-year-old Dave - in his quest for a new romance he met a mate called Michael and they hang out together a few times a week. But friendship aside, we predict there's still a special someone out there for this charming man.

In the meantime, does Dave remind you of anyone familiar?

4. Jason Gardiner can actually ice skate

We never doubted it, honest! After a retort from Dancing on Ice contestant Gemma Collins questioning the judge's skating ability, Jason revealed that he can throw some shapes on the ice. Just ask Torvill and Dean...

5. There's no way Peter and Sir Tom's Voice duet was set up

"Everything you saw there was all recorded live, and it all happened in the space of 20 minutes", Lonnie Dongan's son Peter told us.

Lucky then that both Peter and Sir Tom Jones were well practised in performing Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, written by Lonnie and released by Sir Tom, a friend of Lonnie's, in 1967.

"If anyone is ever in doubt, look at my mother’s reaction", added Peter.

Lonely at 83 and looking for love, one year on

Last year, retired firefighter Dave Vallance came on the show after putting a lonely hearts note on his village notice board.

But despite being bombarded with countless messages from single women after his appearance, none of his love interests ever amounted to anything.

As he quest to find love continues, Dave joins us in the studio.