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Do you agree with the Nation's Favourite Crisp?

Prepare yourself, as we may be on the edge of a national scandal. No it’s got nothing to do with Brexit… it’s all about the nation’s favourite crisp!

Following a Channel 5 show, the nation have voted that Walkers are their favourites, but heartbroken Monster Munch fans aren’t happy!

Cruise ship hell: 'I thought I was going to die'

Hundreds of Brits feared for their lives on Saturday after their cruise ship got into trouble off the Norwegian coast, as engines failed and their vessel was battered by 30ft waves. All 1,300 people on board the Viking Sky were reported safe but just how close was this incident to being declared a major disaster?

Joining us on the sofa is passenger Roberta Thake, who is thankful to be alive, alongside our travel expert Simon Calder.

The couple addicted to tanning injections

They’re the self-confessed tanning addicts who have gone to extreme lengths to maintain their dark glow. Hannah Tittensor, who says she often gets mistaken for a black person, has used illegal tanning injections for three years alongside regular sunbeds and carrot oil. Despite the risk to her health, and her family history of cancer, she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Hannah was first introduced to the dangerous trend by fellow tan-addict and boyfriend Ben Dunlop - who joins us alongside her, as they reveal the huge affects their obsession has had on their lives.

Are these really the nation's favourite crisps?!

Twitter was in uproar last night after one topic sent Channel 5 viewers into a tizzy...

In the documentary Britain's Favourite Crisps, Doritos, Pringles and Walkers were voted as Britain's favourite, with Mini Cheddars, Nik Naks and Walkers Squares at the bottom of the list.

But where do you stand on the big crisp debate? Do you agree with the pyramid?

Our Wembley surprise for Declan

On Friday night we all watched proudly as our Declan walked out with Harry Kane and the England football team, to the sound of thousands of cheering fans.

We first met 10-year-old Declan Bitmead back in February, where he shared his incredible story of defying the odds to play his beloved football again, after going blind following an allergic reaction.

Well now Declan's achieved another dream, and we were right alongside him as he made his Wembley debut.

The Who's Roger Daltry - saving lives through music

All this week some of the biggest stars in music are taking over the Royal Albert Hall in honour of the Teenage Cancer Trust. The annual event was conceived and curated by honorary patron Roger Daltrey - legendary frontman of The Who - who joins us to tell us how the gigs are putting a spotlight on what more needs to be done.

He’s here today alongside 21-year-old Phoebe Moore, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer as a teenager. Remarkably, in a one-in-a-million chance, Phoebe’s brother had been diagnosed with the same cancer years earlier - but thanks to the Trust, Phoebe had a very different experience.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Tel: 020 7612 0370

Around six young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. They need expert treatment and support from the moment they hear the word ‘cancer.’ We’re the only charity dedicated to making this happen. We bring young people together so they can be treated together, by teenage cancer experts, in the best place for them.

Uri Geller: 'I'm going to stop Brexit telepathically'

Around a million people marched through the streets of London over the weekend, and over five million have signed an online petition - all in the hope of putting a stop to Brexit. But if all that doesn’t work, there is one man who says he has the power to change Theresa May’s mind. Uri Geller claims he is about to unleash his telepathic abilities on the Prime Minister to bring about a second referendum - and we should take him seriously as he claims the US government regularly use his powers to keep Russia in check!

He joins us live from his home in Israel to tell us about his plans, but if he doesn’t succeed, could Brexit still be cancelled? Political correspondents Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire are here to help us make sense of it all.