Monica Lewinsky: 19 years on, I'm still scarred by the scandal

Think before you click: would you actually say it if you were sitting face to face? Clickbait is often about shaming people, so if you don’t click to support that...

– Monica Lewinsky

She was the girl next door who became the centre of a global scandal overnight after it was revealed she’d had an affair with the most powerful man in the world.

Monica Lewinsky was judged, shamed and bullied all in the few hours it took for the story to spread. Now, after years away from the spotlight Monica has come out fighting and supporting the bullying campaign #ClickWithCompassion as well as lending her support to The Diana Award.

She joins us on the sofa to tell us about how her family saved her, how she feels like the first ever person who became a victim of cyberbullying, and how after years in the shadows she feels it’s time to take on the bullies.

The prom with a difference - and the inspiring teenager behind it

I’ve always dreamed of having a prom. You get to dress up and feel special. For Lewis to give me that chance - it really was a dream come true

– Izzy went to a prom which Lewis had organised

The school prom has become a rite of passage for teenagers, but every year there are hundreds of children around the country who can't attend theirs because of serious illness. Sixteen-year-old Lewis Hine is on a mission to change that.

He's spent much of his childhood in hospital after being diagnosed with a brain tumour as a toddler - a battle that inspired him to help other sick children who miss out on school to find friends, and even throw them their very own prom.

He joins us today alongside mum Emma and his new friend Izzy, who attended the prom after feeling isolated as she battled a brain tumour.

Scarred for life in 'Britain's biggest acid attack'

They’re life scars. You’ve got to wake up with those every day. It’s the impact of having to relive that every day. Why shouldn’t that justify a life sentence?

– Lauren Trent is calling for Arthur Collins to receive a life sentence

It's believed to be Britain's biggest acid attack and yesterday a jury found Arthur Collins - the ex-boyfriend of Ferne McCann - guilty of throwing the toxic substance over a packed nightclub dance floor, injuring more than 20 people. Among them was Lauren Trent, who was left with scars on her neck, chest, legs and feet.

She joins us alongside former police officer Mark Williams-Thomas, who fears acid attacks will continue to rise as it becomes the go-to weapon of choice for an increasing number of attackers.

'Misgendering a pupil could cost me my job'

Oxfordshire secondary school teacher Joshua Sutcliffe has been suspended and faces losing his job after being accused of ‘misgendering’ a pupil during one of his lessons.

Despite apologising for his mistake, Joshua has been suspended from his post as a maths teacher and faces a disciplinary hearing in two days time after the transgender pupil’s mother's complained.

Joshua claims he has been given no training of how to address transgender students, felt completely ‘out of his depth’ and as a Christian has his own beliefs on the matter. He joins us now alongside Andrea Williams of the Christian Legal Centre who is supporting Joshua and believes schools are ‘making it all up as they go along’ when it comes to the correct way of addressing transgender pupils.

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'My facial deformity led to bullying - now it's the subject of a Hollywood movie'

Leland Wicks

Today, at the start of Anti-Bullying Week, new statistics reveal that 40% of children say they’d hide aspects of themselves for fear of being bullied and 61% said they would change the way they look to avoid becoming a target.

Last week we launched our #BeKind wristbands, and today we’re meeting eight-year-old Leland Wicks who suffers from a form of Treacher Collins - a condition which features in the new Hollywood movie Wonder starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson.

Just like main character Auggie, Leland once suffered cruel taunts from school bullies who called him Rat Boy because of his facial deformities, but now he uses humour to educate others on his genetic disorder. His dad also suffers with the condition, but has never opted to alter his looks with surgery.

Leland joins us alongside his dad Andy and his mum Samantha as he tells us how he took strength from Wonder.

What do Lloyds Banking group overdrafts cost changes mean for you?

Lloyds Banking group has overhauled its overdrafts costs, meaning the 22m customers of Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland are facing big changes. For some it can mean paying £100s more a year. Our Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, is here to explain what to do, and how anyone with an overdraft can try and cut the cost to zero.

'Free my wife from an Iran jail'

Last April, British Iranian charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was travelling back from visiting her parents in Iran when she was stopped and arrested at the airport along-with her three-year-old daughter. Since that moment, she has been locked up in prison - and sentenced to five years - accused of plotting against the state.

Last week, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made an incorrect suggestion that Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe was 'teaching people journalism' - a mistake which could extend her jail term. Now, her husband Richard Ratcliffe wants Boris Johnson to bring his wife back to the UK as she struggles with her mental and physical health.