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Anti-ageing injections left me disabled

As a beauty guru to the stars, Belinda Hayle felt it was important to always look her best. So, from the age of 35, the mum-of-two started having anti-ageing injections to help smooth out her lines and wrinkles. But, after ten years of using the anti-ageing treatment, instead of enhancing her looks, one injection ended up permanently damaging her appearance and ruining her life irreparably.

Poisoned, Belinda was left with facial paralysis and now struggles to speak, eat and even smile. With her confidence in tatters, she’s had to quit the job she loves and it almost cost Belinda her marriage. She joins us today, alongside her husband Alan, to tell her story.

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Fighting to prevent GBS deaths in newborn babies

It’s the UK’s most common cause of life threatening infection in newborn babies and is carried by around 150,000 pregnant women every year, yet GBS, Group B Streptococcus screening is not recommended by the NHS - something that Dan and Birgitta Hobster are desperate to change. Last year, they experienced every parents worst nightmare when their newborn baby girl, Natalie, died from meningitis caused by GBS when she was just seven days old.

Now, expecting again, Dan and Birgitta are here to tell their heartbreaking story in the hope that they can raise awareness of this life-threatening infection alongside Dr Chris.

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'I'm still haunted by alien abduction'

On the evening of 11 October 1973, 19-year-old Calvin Parker was fishing with a friend on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. It started just like one of many peaceful evenings, but things took a turn for the worse when three creatures with 'leathery grey skin and crab-like claws' grabbed hold of the two men and pulled them aboard their spacecraft. After a thorough and intrusive examination, Calvin claims he was returned to land.

The story quickly gained local notoriety but Calvin spent decades shying away from the press - until now.

Amid the release of his book Pascagoula - The Closest Encounter, Calvin joins us live from New Orleans, Louisiana, to tell us his version of events.

Have stag and hen parties gone too far?

It’s no secret that us Brits love to party, but throw an upcoming wedding into the mix and it’s taken to a whole new level! This week it was reported that a stag party of 30 allegedly paid a homeless man in Benidorm £90 to get a tattoo of the groom’s name and address on his forehead. So this morning we’re asking - have stag and hen parties gone too far?

We’re joined by etiquette expert William Hanson who says that such celebrations are unnecessary, uncouth and appeal to the lowest common denominator, whilst seasoned stag Jamie Richardson says resorts like Magaluf and Benidorm have come to rely on stag and hen parties for the economy, not to mention - “they are mint!”

'I'm terrified my stalker will kill me'

Bus driver Imre Marton always had a smile for those boarding his bus, but his friendly nature may have made him the target of one obsessed passenger - who developed a terrifying infatuation with him.

Charlie Howells turned Imre's life into a living hell; bombarding him with love notes and riding his route for hours on end. She stalked Imre for four years before being imprisoned in 2016 - but the story did not end there.

Imre joins us today to explain why, despite another stint in prison, Howells continues to threaten and harass him; and how - after six consecutive years of torment- he’s been forced into wearing a stab-proof vest as he constantly fears for his life.

'I didn't have a grandmother, so I went looking for a new one'

When Laura Topham’s grandparents passed away when she was in her teens, she was left with a huge hole in her life. That’s why, 11 years ago, she wrote an article in a newspaper explaining how she wanted a new grandma.

Lonely herself after becoming widowed, Maureen Jympson, now 85, replied to Laura, saying she was willing to step into that role. The pair now enjoy a beautiful grandmother-granddaughter relationship, and in the past decade have shared some important milestones together.

Laura and Maureen are here to share their heartwarming story.

Daisy-May, the inspirational eight-year-old model

Eight-year-old Daisy-May is showing the world that beauty comes in many different forms. Despite undergoing a traumatic double amputation on her legs, she’s already landed a major modelling contract with big name brands, as well as strutting her stuff on the catwalk of London Fashion Week. If that’s not enough, she’s putting the rest of us to shame with her gung-ho attitude to fitness!

The incredible Daisy-May and her father Alex join us to tell us how her positive attitude pulled her family through a difficult time - and how an item on This Morning kickstarted her already stellar modelling career.

Should you force your children to eat foods they don't like?

New research from the University of Michigan suggests pressuring kids to eat their food might damage your relationship with them. We’re joined by nutritionist Hala El-Shafie who has seen plenty of evidence in her clinics which backs up this research. Hala goes as far as to say that forcing your children to eat their most-hated foods can lead to eating disorders.

But Clare Muldoon calls it nonsense, and says she has raised four healthy children using the tough-love strategy at the kitchen table.