The widowed dad inspiring the nation with his SAS adventure

At the time, I was completely helpless. I was on the phone to the police on the other line. Listening, talking. I didn’t know what had happened to the children until I heard the cry on the phone.

– Dan Cross

On Sunday night, viewers were left in floods of tears hearing the story of Dan Cross on SAS: Who Dares Wins. Dan revealed his shocking reason for entering the show, shortly before he was forced to withdraw with a knee injury. The stunned SAS trainers listened intently, as Dan revealed he had been on the phone to his wife, when a schizophrenic intruder broke in and stabbed her to death.

Dan has chosen to do this interview, because watching This Morning, (his wife’s favourite show), helped him through some of his darkest hours. He’s now using the experience to help others, through charity work and even training as a counsellor.

The wigs putting a smile back on the faces of children living with cancer

Following Holly’s recent post about best friend Emma, who is donating her hair to a charity that provides real hair wigs for children who are losing their own hair due to cancer treatment, we’re joined by two children who have benefited from such kindness.

Seven-year-old Jody is in remission after having a brain tumour and Eight-year-old Freya who has lymphoblastic lymphoma - both were donated wigs from the Little Princess Trust charity.

Also joining us are sisters Tazmin and Imogen. Imogen wants to donate her hair to Matt's Mission to help children like her sister Tazmin, who is in remission after being diagnosed with leukaemia. In fact, she'll be cutting her plaits off live on the show, with a little styling help from hairdresser Katie Allan!

Now watch what happened after Imogen's on-air chop 💇

We're on the lookout for unsigned artists

If you are an unsigned band or artist and would like the chance for your song to be used in one of our fashion features, This Morning wants to hear from you!

Please note: For those shortlisted, a member of our Music Team will be in contact to confirm copyright details alongside the execution of a Licence To Use Material by the Music Right's Holder. If the copyright check fails along the process your music might not be used for the purposes of the broadcast.

A name celebrated around the world: The story behind #WriteCharlie

In 2005, Charlie Thompson, 13, and her best friend Olivia Bazlinton, 14, were tragically killed when they stepped out onto an unmanned level crossing and into the path of a speeding train.

Wracked with grief, both girls' families struggled to come to terms with their loss and have since campaigned to improve level crossing safety, with Charlie’s father Reg Thompson appearing on This Morning in 2007.

Now Reg has published Write Charlie, a book which documents pictures of his daughter’s name written in exotic locations around the world. Reg joins us alongside Olivia’s mother Tina Hughes MBE, an ambassador for Network Rail, to tell us about Write Charlie and the importance of rail safety.

Falsely accused: 'I had to fight social services to get my babies back'

For any devoted mother with a baby who suffers from colic, it’s a familiar ritual. After every feed, Gina Hodgkins would sit her newborn son Teddy on her lap to rub his back and release any trapped wind causing him discomfort.

She did everything right, but an underlying genetic condition (unknown to Teddy’s parents) caused two small bruises to be left on his cheeks. A health visitor saw these bruises and reported Gina and husband Joshua to social services, what then unfolded was every parents’ worst nightmare.

Teddy Hodgkins

Seven police officers arrived at the door to forcibly remove the sleeping baby from his mother’s frantic grasp. Both Teddy and his sister Amelia, then six, were taken into emergency foster care. It took another five months for their innocence to be proved - they join us now to tell us more about their horrific battle to clear their name.

EXCLUSIVE: 'I watched my husband on Saturday night TV in the arms of another woman!'

I didn’t know what to think. It was just a shock. Daisy collapsed. It was total shock.

– Helen Gundry

Until death do us part… or at least until the other wife finds out! When Helen Gundry rekindled her relationship with her husband Daniel, six years after they had separated, she thought she had found her happy ever after.

Helen with her ex-husband Daniel

I went to the court hearing because I wanted to hear what he would get. When I heard he got six months I collapsed there and then.

– Helen's daughter Daisy

That was until she saw him on live TV with his other wife, Sue. As Daniel’s web of lies started to unravel, Helen soon discovered that her loving husband was not the man she thought he was, and in fact had been living a double life.

Helen will be joining Phillip and Holly to share her story, alongside Daisy, the 17-year-old daughter she had with Daniel.

The ultimate daddies' girl: 'I get £5000 pocket money a month!'

I have an app on my phone and I get push alerts when she uses my credit cards and it'll be Harrods £50,000, £20,000 somewhere else

– Tony Drewitt-Barlow on Saffron's spending habits

Millionaires Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow made history in 1999 when they became the first gay couple to father children - twins Saffron and Aspen - by a surrogate mother.

Eighteen years later, business is booming for the Drewitt-Barlows and it’s the children who seem to be benefitting, particularly the only girl in the family, Saffron!

Saffron Drewitt-Barlow and her twin brother Aspen

Saffron gets £5,000 pocket money each month, owns Kardashian-worthy million-pound wardrobes and drives luxurious cars. She also has unlimited use of Dad and Daddy’s Amex cards, and racks up a credit card bill that would cause most people major heart-palpitations!

Taking us for a tour of her 1000 square foot wing of the Drewitt-Barlow’s Tampa house in Florida, Saffron joins us alongside her dads.

What the banking shake-up means for you

The world of banking is being shaken up. There’s a price war with providers willing to pay you up to £200 free cash to switch. And on Saturday a hidden revolution launched means you own your own financial data. Our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to take advantage. Let’s start with the ‘revolution’ - what is it?