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The British divers at the centre of the Thai cave rescue

We just did what we're... not trained to do, but what we've experienced over the last 25 years - we're happy that we can use that skill set to go and help people

– Jason Mallison

It is the good news story of the century and one that united the world in jubilation as 12 boys aged between 11 and 16 years old, along with their coach, were rescued after being trapped for more than two weeks deep inside a network of caves.

It was also one of the most challenging underground rescues in history with British divers being drafted in to help spearhead the rescue operation.

Today three of those divers, Rich Stanton, Jason Mallison and Chris Jewell, join us to give their compelling account of the high-risk mission.

'23 years together, and our love is still going strong'

They’re thought to have been the first couple with Down's Syndrome to get married in the UK after meeting at a training centre in 1990. Despite skepticism and hurtful criticism at the time, Maryanne and Tommy Pilling are celebrating 23 years together this Sunday and say they're more in love than ever. They join us now alongside Maryanne's mum Linda.

POLL: Should Donald Trump be welcome in the UK?

He faced harsh criticism in February 2017- with 1.86 million Brits signing an online petition to stop his state visit to the UK, but now US President Donald Trump has landed on British soil - despite protests in Central London.

We want to know your thoughts. Should Donald Trump be welcome in the UK? Vote in our poll above.

Chloe Ayling: The truth behind my kidnap

I feel like my voice wasn't heard for the past year, because everyone, straight away assumed I was lying. So me being able to say it now, after the verdict, hopefully people will understand I was telling the truth.

– Chloe Ayling

It’s the story that shocked the nation and sparked a media frenzy last year - Chloe Ayling, the aspiring model who was drugged and held hostage by a ‘dark web’ gang in Italy after attending a fake photoshoot.

Despite the case initially being greeted with scepticism in the media, in June her kidnapper, Lukasz Herba, was sentenced to 16 years in jail.

Joining us in the studio today for her first TV interview since the trial, Chloe reveals the truth behind the headlines - and how she feels knowing her kidnapper is finally behind bars.

Grab yourself a World Cup holiday bargain

The longer that England’s remarkable progress in the World Cup - and the heatwave - continue, the more miserable the travel industry is becoming. In a desperate bid to get passengers on board, airlines and holiday companies are slashing prices for departures in the coming week.

Our travel editor Simon Calder has been tracking prices - and can also offer a tip or two when it comes to grabbing a bargain!

Thailand hero diver's mum: 'I'm so proud of my son'

The world watched with bated breath as each young football fan was brought up from the cave in Thailand during a nail-biting two-day rescue.

All 12 boys and their coach were found shivering and hungry by a duo team of British expert divers - John Volanthen and Richard Stanton. John’s proud mother Jill joins us on the sofa this morning, to tell us about her “modest and extraordinary” son who has spearheaded this rescue.

She will be joined by David Hunt, a longtime family friend, who was John’s scout leader growing up - and spotted that he had a talent for all things adventurous!

India Willoughby: Trolls turned me to surgery

I like my new face, and I liked my old face to be honest, but words are such powerful things. The words online really cut deep to me, I consider myself thick-skinned, I’m a journalist, and being transgender and out about it for years, but that level was really tough.

– India Willoughby

Transgender newsreader India was trolled after her appearance in CBB for looking too masculine - so she decided to undergo drastic surgery called facial feminisation. The procedure took 11 hours and surgeons in Spain shaved her brow bone, her orbital lobes around her eyes, and she had blepharoplasty to open and widen her eyes, a mini face lift, a lip lift and a hair transplant.

We followed India through the surgery and now she’s on the sofa to exclusively reveal her new face.

Should children be banned from playing with toy guns and water pistols?

For most children, playing heroes and villains with guns and swords is a staple part of growing up - it's even good enough for royalty, as Prince George has been pictured doing it.

But this role-play could be dying out, as a recent study found most nurseries ban replica weapons because they can lead to real-life violence. But should we, as parents, follow suit?

Vote in our poll above and let us know what you think!