Has Sienna found the missing twins in Hollyoaks?

Warren Fox abducted his twins - but has their mother Sienna finally found them?

Here's Sharon with the latest from Hollyoaks - including their summer trailer.

Sharon says watch out for...

- Tony finds Sadie in labour, and Breda and Darren help carry her in to The Hutch. This is Harry’s baby and he’ll hold her hand as she gives birth. (That won’t help his relationship with James)

- Will Harry want to be in his child’s life?

- And is ’Starry’ back on - as Ste kisses Harry?

Phil's life is full of problems in EastEnders

Phil's got loads of problems. A pregnant wife who's cheated on him, missing money and a psycho son..

Here's Sharon with the latest from EastEnders.

Sharon says watch out for...

  1. Mel and Louise plan a day out but sensing something’s not right, Mel gets Louise to open up. After learning Louise hasn’t told her mum she’s pregnant, Mel urges her to break the news. We know that Lisa Fowler is returning to the soap and Lucy Benjamin has already started filming.

  2. Raine will be in danger. She’s desperate and homeless - and she turns to an unlikely saviour - Stuart

  3. Max is drinking and unable to cope as he fights to get baby Abi back

Bernice has doubts over her new man in Emmerdale

Bernice has finally found a perfect man that's not gay and not cheating on her. Or has she…?

Here's Sharon with the latest from Emmerdale.

Sharon says watch out for...

- It’s been confirmed that Mandy Dingle is coming back with her son Vinny. We’re all having great fun writing for Lisa Riley and she’s staying long term.

- It’s also been confirmed that Ryan Hawley is leaving his role as Robert Sugden. We have him for a while yet and he wants his revenge on Lee - the man who raped his sister Victoria.

- With Cain and Moira at loggerheads next week - Moira is going to pull Nate in for a kiss! Mucky Moira strikes again! But it’s all happening just as Cain wants to get back to the farm and prove himself to her. Will he catch them in the act?

- Jai is determined to persuade Laurel to go public with their relationship

- And as the factory is on the brink of ruin through Manpreet’s debts - Rishi is forced to take a loan from Kim. But will her terms ruin the Sharmas?

Love is in the air for Corrie's Evelyn and Roy!

Could Evelyn and Roy both have found love?

In the corner shop, Evelyn tells Tyrone and Michelle that Roy needs to move out as it's clear he holds a torch for her.

Here's Sharon with all the latest from Coronation Street.

What to watch out for

- Gary does his best to remain calm when questioned by police over the factory roof collapse and then about his involvement with Rick. When Gary discovers it was Sarah who reported him to the police and then he sees her head off with Adam, he is broken.

- Maria has a week of disastrous dates. However by Friday Ali will be heading to her flat with a bottle of wine. And some snogging will follow soon after...

- Gemma’s mum will turn up - and promptly try to get Chesney into bed

Corrie's Yasmeen on the coercive control story that's got everyone talking

Once upon a time, Corrie couple Yasmeen Nazir and Geoff Metcalfe couldn’t have been happier together - but for the last few months, Geoff’s true colours have started to show.

From manipulating and controlling her every move to isolating her away from her family, has his behaviour finally gone too far?

"Coronation Street has explored many controversial issues because we have a duty of care to the public. It's in our homes. We have a responsibility to talk to people and to create a believable truth-based storyline." - Shelley King

Shelley King, who plays Yasmeen, joins us on the sofa as she reveals her pride of bringing the storyline to the cobbles, her past life as a jazz singer and why Julie Andrews inspired her in the most unusual way!

Hakuna Matata! Lion King stars Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner

Critics have called it a ‘roaring success’! Fresh from its European premiere at the weekend, The Lion King remake is coming to a cinema near you this Friday!

"We all sing on Can You Feel the Love Tonight, so right now me and Billy have a top 10 hit with Beyoncé!" - Seth Rogen

Ahead of its release, Hollywood stars Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner, who play comedic duo Timon and Pumbaa are here to tell us what we can expect from one of Disney’s most iconic films - and reveal what Beyoncé made of their singing!

Are Love Island's Lucie and Joe back together?

As events in the villa reach fever pitch, Kem joins us with the latest gossip from Love Island. Plus Lucie chats to us exclusively about her regrets over Tommy, and after they reconnected for a go-karting date, whether there’s any future for her and Joe.

'I just needed to step back and chill out a little bit. Because it was all a bit full on...' - Lucie Donlan on her relationship with Joe

Björn Again rock out to Mamma Mia

Performing as part of our Summer Concerts series, live from Television Centre, tribute band Björn Again perform the ABBA classic Mamma Mia!

Rewind Festival: Björn Again are performing at the Rewind Festival in Perth on 21st July and Macclesfield on 4th Aug.