The Voice Kids coaches Pixie Lott and Danny Jones

Move over adults, a host of new child performers are getting ready to show off their singing talents for The Voice Kids coaches. Pixie Lott and McFly’s Danny Jones are swapping their iconic spinning red chairs for our This Morning sofa as they bring us all the gossip about the new series.

Pixie tells us about her plans to make it a hat-trick by claiming the Voice Kids crown for a third year running, and Danny, who is going on tour later this year, reveals how his approach to the show has changed since welcoming his first son last year.

"I think getting a no is just as valuable as getting a yes at this stage, because it's a lesson you really need to learn. It's a lesson I learnt really young." - Pixie Lott

"Now he's got a little personality, and I've really bonded with him, you know what gets me - the parents on the side, and they're stood there with pride" - Danny Jones on how son Cooper has changed The Voice Kids for him

Chace Crawford: From Gossip Girl heartthrob to superhero

We know him as Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl - a series hellbent on revealing the ‘scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite’ but now seven years after the series finale, Chace Crawford has left the Upper East Side behind for a new Amazon series The Boys.

So how has he found the transition from heartthrob to superhero? Does he still keep in touch with his Gossip Girl co-stars? And could we ever see a reunion special?

Nile Rodgers funks up our summer

Whether it’s performing alongside Diana Ross, George Michael, David Bowie or Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers has collaborated with some of the most famous musicians in history and this summer you can catch the legendary guitarist and producer doing what he does best, in a town near you!

The grandmaster of funk tells us about his UK gigs, touring with Cher and why he won’t let the wet British summertime ruin the party.

Rob Lowe swaps La La Land for Lincolnshire

With three Golden Globe nominations under his belt, Rob Lowe is a bonafide Hollywood movie star, but for his latest role he’s swapped the bright lights of LA LA Land for the mean streets of Lincolnshire! He joins us DTL from the Monte Carlo TV festival to discuss his latest role as Senior Police Officer Bill Hixon.

Plus he reveals how a certain Alison Hammond has stolen his heart (watch out Hugh Jackman!) and how the tiny town of Boston has given him an enormous love for sausages!

Imagine if you woke up one day, and no one could remember the Beatles!

Ex-EastEnder Himesh Patel and Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle join us to talk about their new film Yesterday, about a singer-songwriter (played by Himesh) who becomes the only person in the world to know The Beatles, and starts to sing their songs as his own.

The Hollywood duo tell us all about how they pay tribute to the iconic band, and how the film was partly based on pop sensation Ed Sheeran - who also has a starring role!