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Chris Eubank Jr: 'I’ve learnt a lot from my father!'

Ahead of the big fight on ITV Box Office this Saturday, boxing’s most eccentric family are in the studio.

Chris Eubank and son Junior cruise into the studio to explain why the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree, Junior’s hopes for a family, and why Chris Sr is now Louisiana’s best-dressed police officer!

Making their entrance into the studio in a super sports car ahead of Chris Eubank Jr’s fight against James DeGale, Eamonn declared, “That’s the best entrance we’ve ever had!”

Chris Jr explained his feelings of Saturday’s fight, "I’m fully focused… the cars, the hype and the trash talk - I don’t let it get to me. The car and the lifestyle, that’s just me and my personality, I enjoy things, you only live once. I’ve learnt a lot from my father!”

He added, “With the success I’ve had, people know I’m the real deal and what makes this fight so exciting is we are both on the edge. One of us is going to fall. A loss for either of us will be devastating, it would leave out career in no man’s land - this literally is a fight for our careers.”

Explaining how he feels about his son entering the boxing ring, Chris Snr said, “It’s not about the pain, you’re ready for that, that’s what you prepare for, but I am jittery and shaking because it’s such a big opportunity.”

He added, “Three of my sons are boxing on the bill this Saturday - Nathanael, Sebastian and Junior - and that is historical. Team Eubank.”

Talking of how his career has taken a different route, Chris Snr confessed, “I work in America with the police force, I’m Sergeant there now, and I’m there on average one week of every month and it is fulfilling work. I protect and serve the people. We all must look after each other.”

'My god, Amber Davies comes up with the goods!'

They’ve tumbled out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen to pour themselves a cup of ambition - we’re joined by the cast of smash hit 9 to 5 The Musical - Brian Conley, Bonnie Langford and Amber Davies.

Inspired by the cult film and brought to you by Dolly herself, the West End production is about teaming up, standing up and taking care of business.

Tilly Lockey masters make-up with amazing bionic arms

Just like any 13 year old, Tilly Lockey loves doing her make-up. But unlike most teenagers, the youngster does it effortlessly, using 3D-printed bionic arms.

She lost both of her hands after contracting meningitis at just 15 months old, when she defied the odds to survive the deadly disease. At Christmas, Tilly was given her first set of comic-book-inspired Hero Arms, and now posts make-up tutorials online.

Tilly joins us with her mum Sarah.

Alison makes Hugh Jackman's dreams come true

Alison caught up with superstar actor, singer, dancer and all round top bloke Hugh Jackman for some cheeky flirting while they talked about his new musical stage show The Man, The Music, The Show hitting the UK on May 7th.

In between the flirting, they talked about Hugh's love for musicals, his passion for Alison's banana cake (check out how they cut it), what it's like hosting the Oscars in front of one billion people - and Alison makes Hugh's childhood dreams come true!