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Nick Knowles: From the Jungle to Hollywood

He’s a man of many talents, from presenting, building houses and even becoming a No 1 singing sensation - but is Hollywood next on Nick Knowles’ list?

After leaving the jungle behind, Nick’s here to talk about his plans for a movie career, as well as filling us in on the new heartwarming series of DIY SOS.

Can air fryers make healthy chips?

If you’re focusing on staying healthy this January, then chips are probably off the menu - but they don’t have to be.

Air fryers claim to leave you with golden, crispy chips, without using lashings of oil and fat.

Alice Beer demonstrates her pick of the best, as Phillip and Holly put some healthier chip offerings to the taste test.

Air fryers put to the test by Alice

  1. Morphy Richards Health Fryer £59.99

  2. Tefal Actifry Genius XL Bluetooth £199

  3. Lakeland Touchscreen Air fryer 2.6L £79.99

  4. Philips Health Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology £149.99

The magic of Mary Poppins revealed!

Awards season is in full swing, and our man in LA Sam Rubin has been at the heart of the action.

From catching up with Lady Gaga to hanging out with Charlize Theron, Sam joins us with all the latest Hollywood gossip, including why that Mary Poppins Returns bathtub scene was even more fun that it appeared on screen!

Vegan beauty: The hottest new trend from 2019

Veganuary doesn’t just have to be about what you eat. Vegan beauty is one of the fastest-growing skincare and make-up categories, with more and more brands making an effort to be cruelty free by providing animal-free options.

From make-up brushes to lipsticks, Sunday Times Beauty Director Sarah Jossel is here to show us the best vegan cosmetic products out there.

Can you give royal dog Hank a home?

Today we’re joined by a dog by royal appointment. Three-year-old Bulldog-cross Hank is currently looking for a new home through animal welfare charity Mayhew - which Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has just announced as one of her new patronages.

Despite all the royal attention, Hank is still on the lookout for a loving new family, and joins us in studio ahead of Meghan’s visit to Mayhew later today.

ABOUT HANK: Hank is a three-year-old Bulldog crossbreed. He's an intelligent and playful dog and loves his toys. He can be unsure of strangers but it doesn't take him long to make friends and before you know it he's sneaking onto your lap for a cuddle. He met the Duchess of Sussex on her last visit to the shelter just before Christmas.

WHAT HOME DOES HANK NEED? Hank is looking for a strong, confident and active owner. He can be left alone for three to four hours providing he has been adequately exercised first. He's looking for an all adult home without visiting young children or other animals.

Alison experiences après ski in the Alps

The last time we saw Alison, she was boarding a helicopter on the top of a mountain - so what happened next?

From DJing at the summit, to sledging down the slopes at full-speed, Alison continues to enjoy the best après ski the French Alps has to offer.

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Brexit crisis: Are we all doomed?

It was the biggest government defeat in history - so are we all doomed after last night’s Brexit vote?

Mum of three Nevine Mann certainly thinks so. She joins us live from her 'Brexit-proof' home in Cornwall to explain why she’s installed emergency solar panels, stockpiled food, and has turned her entire garden into a vegetable patch to prepare.

But should we follow suit?

Nick Ferrari joins us in studio with his view, as he helps us make sense of all this Brexit chaos.