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The couple addicted to tanning injections

They’re the self-confessed tanning addicts who have gone to extreme lengths to maintain their dark glow. Hannah Tittensor, who says she often gets mistaken for a black person, has used illegal tanning injections for three years alongside regular sunbeds and carrot oil. Despite the risk to her health, and her family history of cancer, she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Hannah was first introduced to the dangerous trend by fellow tan-addict and boyfriend Ben Dunlop - who joins us alongside her, as they reveal the huge affects their obsession has had on their lives.

Spring clean with your household leftovers

It’s estimated the average household spends £500 a year on cleaning products and services - but Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie says everything we need is already in our kitchen cupboards.

From using potato skins to clean your bathroom taps, to putting tea bags in your smelly shoes, Lynsey is here to show you how leftovers can make your home sparkle.

Are these really the nation's favourite crisps?!

Twitter was in uproar last night after one topic sent Channel 5 viewers into a tizzy...

In the documentary Britain's Favourite Crisps, Doritos, Pringles and Walkers were voted as Britain's favourite, with Mini Cheddars, Nik Naks and Walkers Squares at the bottom of the list.

But where do you stand on the big crisp debate? Do you agree with the pyramid?

Sarah Beeny says Renovate Don't Relocate!

You might not think you have enough space in your home, but you don’t necessarily need to move.

Ahead of launching her new series Renovate Don’t Relocate, property expert Sarah Beeny joins us to tell us why we should be looking at improving rather than moving, as she shares her simple renovation tips and tricks.

Our Wembley surprise for Declan

On Friday night we all watched proudly as our Declan walked out with Harry Kane and the England football team, to the sound of thousands of cheering fans.

We first met 10-year-old Declan Bitmead back in February, where he shared his incredible story of defying the odds to play his beloved football again, after going blind following an allergic reaction.

Well now Declan's achieved another dream, and we were right alongside him as he made his Wembley debut.

Spring savings with Martin Lewis

The ISA year end is nearly upon us. And if you don’t use your allowance to save tax-free you lose it. Yet while in the past our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, would be going bat-crazy to get you to put savings in there, he’s quite calm about it these day. So we ask him is an ISA still nicer, and where’s the best place to save?

Most important before we start is everyone who has savings needs to check the rate that they’re getting. Even if the account paid a decent whack when you opened it, it’s likely paying diddly squat now – many are just earning a fraction of one percent and even though the best rates aren’t great, some could increase their interest by over 10 times.