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Adam Collard: 'The shocking truth behind my body dysmorphia'

When he walked into the Villa he made jaws drop - but Adam Collard hides a history of binge eating until he was sick, and going further to drop pounds from his body. Today, Love Island’s Adam Collard, speaks openly about his troubled history with food - tells us how he became body obsessed as a teenager - and today is worried that he could one day relapse.

He joins us to talk for the first time about his body dysmorphia, as well as the ups and downs of the Love Islanders’ relationships - including Jack and Dani - and his own, very recent, break up with Zara McDermott.

Help - I'm scared of swings!

Going to the playground is no walk in the park for mum Lucy Martyn - she has a crippling fear of swings. And it doesn’t stop there - her fear is of ANYTHING that swings - stopping her from even walking into a restaurant just in case the light fittings might start to move, and has never been able to take her children to the park.

Can the Speakmans work their magic on their next case and help her live her life?

Remember EastEnders' Lofty? Here he is now!

It’s been 30 years since he was last seen on the Square, but tomorrow night EastEnders legend Lofty makes his return.

Why? Well - it’s a sad day as we bid farewell to Walford’s hardest-working doc Dr Legg, and Lofty will be there for it all.

Actor Tom Watt tells us what it was like returning to Albert Square after 30 years away.

How to save money when you haven't got any

Do you need to tighten that financial belt but don’t have many more noches left? Jasmine Birtles is the Queen of Saving and her tips and tricks could put some pounds in the piggy bank that you never thought you had.

So with Brexit looming, prices on the rise, and worries about the housing market - how can you save for a rainy day that might well be on the horizon? From filling your piggy bank, the handy app that could sort budget woes - Jasmine shares her top tips.